Myshkin — the best provincial city of Russia

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Ferry Line Queue
Ferries to Myshkin ply every hour. In Myshkin in 30 minutes, back to 00 every hour. Some ferries can be canceled, but literally a maximum of 1-2 per day.

Ferry to Myshkin

The ferry to Myshkin is a barge towed by a tug.

I ask: how much if without a car?
- Is free.
- Communism!
- ... in a single Myshkin!

Gold autumn

Autumn Volga
Autumn Volga

Autumn Volga

Pointer at the entrance to Myshkin
Pointer at the entrance to Myshkin

Map Myshkin
Myshkin map showing museums and attractions. Well, Myshkin boldly inscribed himself in the Golden Ring of Russia and became known as the “provincial capital of museums and festivals” :)

Ruined abandoned houses
Ruined abandoned houses. The old Myshkin in excellent condition, but there are such ...

Wooden houses
Wooden houses

Lenin street
The central street leading from Nikolsky Cathedral to the Volga, as usual - Lenin.

Former home Serebryakov
Former home Serebryakov, the end of the XIX century. Now - Myshkinsky police department of the Uglich MO Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Old switch
Old switch

Cathedral of St. Nicholas

The Cathedral of St. Nicholas ( Nikolsky ), built in 1766 - 1769 (according to some data in 1764 ) at the expense of the St. Petersburg merchant Alexander Petrovich Berezin. Home dominant of the city Myshkin .

Myshkin Bazar
Myshkin Bazar - the building of the late XIX century, early XX. Architectural monument.

Myshkin, Uglichskaya st., 13.

House of merchants Stolbovyh
House of Stolbovs merchants. The monument of architecture of the late XIX century. Tourist centre(!)
On the left in the frame is just a bus with tourists (probably from Uglich).

Myshkin, Uglichskaya ul., 16 building 1.

Behind him is the former mansion of the merchant Ivan Stepanovich Stolbov (Ananinskaya Street, 4).

Tourist signs

Tourist signposts fire !! The coolest in Russia . And even in the world :)

Mouse Palace
Tourist complex " Myshkin Chamber ", aka Mouse Palace . Sobbed

Myshkin, Nikolskaya Str., 4.

Volga Embankment
The Volga Embankment in Myshkin shook me. Well done what!

Shop "Lovely-expensive"
Shop "Lovely-expensive" - ​​the name of the fire.

Manor of the merchant Chistova
Manor of the merchant Chistova - a dwelling house, a chapel, an outbuilding, grain warehouses with a mill, a stone outbuilding, a fence with a gate.

Photo for a mouse :) The Mouse King is a bit tacky with time ...

Assumption Cathedral
Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin .

Address: Myshkin, Uspenskaya Square, 1.

Museum of boots and chapel Flora and Laurel
Museum of boots (on the left - the former economic wing of the estate of T. V. Chistova. The middle of the XIX century.) And the Chapel of Flora and Laurus (on the right).

Kuhmister Vinogradov
Kuhmister Vinogradov, a monument of architecture of the XIX century.

House of Chistovye Sr. merchants
House of Chistovye Sr. merchants (mansion outbuilding). The monument of architecture of the XIX century.
“Millionaire merchants ceded their rich mansion to the city and have since lived in this building,” reads the signpost. In Myshkin each house has similar annotations. This I have not seen in any city. At best, a stingy inscription that the monument of architecture is protected by someone.

Pointers to houses

Pointers to houses

Myshkin, Nikolskaya st., 20.

Nikolskaya street

In Myshkin quite a good asphalt surface. What is very surprised.

House of Sveshnikov merchants
House of Sveshnikov merchants . “In it, even before the revolution, electric light was on,” says the sign on the facade + photos of family members.

House of nobles Sorokin
Former home of the nobles Sorokin . "The nobles are poor, but proud and diligent in the city service," says the sign on the facade.

Myshkin, Nikolskaya st., 24.

Former shipping house
Former house of shipping company, the beginning of the XIX century.

Myshkin, Nikolskaya street, 26.

Monument Mouse
Monument to the mouse on Nikolskaya Street in Myshkin .


There is even a rotunda on the Volga embankment! Well done what! And the rotunda is even more beautiful than in Petrozavodsk !

Former station Sheremetyevs graphs

The former station of Sheremetyevs graphs (!) Okhrenet, there was once a piece of metal in Myshkin! Now you can only get by bus / car.

The structure of the late XIX century, a monument of architecture. Address: Myshkin, the area of ​​the 60th anniversary of Victory, 2.

Memorial to the victims in 1941-1945
Memorial to the victims in 1941 - 1945 .

Memorial to the victims of the Great Patriotic War
Myshkin, the area of ​​the 60th anniversary of the Victory.

Carved window
The inscription on the facade says: “This house is the only one in the city decorated with an“ imported ”pattern of carving. In Kostroma it was designed by the carver of Bazhenov. ”

By the way, the font, though elaborate, is readable and pleasant.

Karl Liebknecht Street
Street Karl Liebknecht. Golden autumn is in full swing.

Lenin monument
Monument to V.I. Lenin near the Inter-Settlement House of Culture, address: Myshkin, Karl Liebknecht Street, 45.

Abandoned house
Abandoned old wooden house. Myshkin, Karl Liebknecht Street, 41 / Nagornaya, 9.

House of Kulagin Merchants
House of merchants Kulagin, the end of the XIX century. Architectural monument.

Myshkin, Karl Liebknecht Street, 26.

House burgher Kulagin

House burgher Kulagin
House of burghers Kulagin. The owner is a famous city paramedic, beloved by Myshkins, ”reads the plaque. Well, the house with a fantastically beautiful wood carving.

Beer Store Shabolovskogo partnership
Beer store Shabolovskogo partnership, the end of the XIX century. Architectural monument. Wood carving is almost completely lost (and it obviously was), but I hope they will restore it.

Myshkin, Karl Liebknecht Street, 37.

"In addition to the famous beer, they offered interesting newspapers and magazines here," reads the inscription on the commemorative plaque.

The main house of the estate P. E. Chistova
The city's main manor house PE Tchistov, 1830 - 1850 years of construction. Object of cultural heritage of federal significance.

Myshkin, Karl Liebknecht Street, 35.

Uspenskaya street
Uspenskaya street, Myshkin (street name - on the Assumption Cathedral ). On the left is the former home of the Litvinovs merchants, on the right is the western wing of the Chistov estate .

Tourist signs
Tourist signs

Hotel "Cat House" and restaurant "Mousetrap"
Hotel " Cat House " and the restaurant " Mousetrap ". Sobbed I wanted to settle here, but there are no places! Well, at least I wrapped up a snack in a restaurant (the restaurant is excellent).

Fork with cheese and flower beds in the form of mice
Fork with cheese and flower beds in the form of mice.

City Park of Culture and Rest
City Park of Culture and Recreation (Sitzky Garden), Myshkin .

Even organized a pond!

The home of Smirnov’s construction contractors
The home of Smirnov’s construction contractors, an amazing carved wooden house - the end of the 19th century, an architectural monument.

“The hosts are famous for having built up a considerable part of Myshkin in their favorite style,” says the inscription on the plaque.

Myshkin, Karl Liebknecht Street, 22.

Myshkinskaya art gallery
Myshkinskaya art gallery . "Mice" - I give the idea :)

The building of the late XIX century - the former home of the city hospital .

In general, the roads, signs and markings are excellent in Myshkin. But such roads come across. But it is a bit out of place.

Myshkin, st. Karl Liebknecht, 19.

House burghers Korolkovykh
House burghers Korolkovykh . It is famous for the counterfeiters' workshop discovered here in the old days, ”reads the inscription on the plaque.

Myshkin - fanatics, each house described.

The structure of the late XIX century. Architectural monument.

House of Burenins merchants
House of Burenins merchants . Burenins are hereditary city butchers, ”reads the inscription on the plaque.

Myshkin, Nikolskaya Square, 9.

Nikolsky Cathedral
St. Nicholas Cathedral (St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Cathedral) on the eponymous square.

View of Myshkin and the chapel of St. Nicholas
The original chapel was built in 1888 at the foot of the hill on which stands St. Nicholas Cathedral. In Soviet times, the chapel was demolished and in its place was a monument to V. I. Lenin .

In 2015, the monument was transferred to the House of Culture, and the chapel was restored.

View of Myshkin

Tyutchev house
Former county rural council (Tiutchev's house), the building was constructed in 1840 - 1860 years. Now here is the exhibition center "Academy of Local History."

Address: Myshkin, Uglichskaya street, 11.

About motorcyclist
The young lady has a helmet with braids :)

Dollhouse ( Dolls Gallery ), , Ananinskaya Str., 1.

The wooden house of the beginning of the 20th century, before the revolution, the Rosa inn .

Behind him is the Lefty miniature museum .

Cats . Normal addiction :) Well, why not.

Tourist complex "Myshkin Chamber"
Tourist complex "Myshkin Chamber" (aka " Mouse Palace ").

"Myshkin Chamber"
The territory of the complex is perfectly landscaped.

Nikolskaya street
View of Nikolskaya street.

Hotel "Mouse Inn"
Hotel "Mouse Inn" - rzhu with the name. The coolest hotel in the city! The highest prices are NO.

Hotel address: Myshkin, Uglichskaya street, 7.

Assumption Square
The central square of Myshkin is perfectly landscaped.

Merchant manor
Merchant manor of the end of the XIX century - the beginning of the XX. Architectural monument. Funny vases on the roof :)

Myshkin, Nikolskaya st., 16.

Shop" Trunk "
There are two times more stores in Myshkin than museums.

Retail space
Trade in souvenirs on the banks of the Volga.

Kitschy Castle
Gypsy Baron is building himself a castle :) Lyutyi kitsch.

Wooden houses
Nikolskaya Sq., 13/16, House of Serbian nobility (second).

Wooden Classicism
Nikolskaya Sq., 7, end of the 19th century Architectural monument. Wooden classicism! I saw this only in Vologda .

Museum of Family Collections
The Museum of Family Collections, Nikolskaya Square, 5, does not always work - you must first agree.
Former home of the church parable. Late XIX century. Architectural monument.

Extension roof with tricolor
Extension roof with tricolor.

Gift Shop
Knitted mice!

Gift Shop
Gift shop in a beautiful wooden house.

Souvenir shop
I looked into the souvenir shop, bought a cool clay pile with a mouse:
Stack with mouse
It is necessary to pour so as not to drown the mouse.

For this purchase, my host poured moonshine and treated me to fat :) Second place in Myshkin, where I stopped for free :)

Souvenir shop

Myshkin, Nikolskaya st., 14a.

Souvenir tent
Souvenir tent

Myshkin`s cat
Well, such a snow-white Myshkin`s cat accompanied me.

How to get to Myshkin? If without a car, then the simplest option is to get to Rybinsk, from where buses go to Uglich with a stop on the opposite bank of the Volga, it remains to wait for the ferry. There is a bus from Yaroslavl, but it goes in the evening and is 2.5 times more expensive (the distance is longer).

The population of Myshkin is only 5,000 people, while from its, in fact, the village, Myshkin people made a fairy tale, where tourists break in crowds! Even cruise ships began to moor, which was not yet in the 90s.


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