Synagogues in Russia

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From travels in Russia, a few photos of synagogues have accumulated, a small collection.


Omsk synagogue
Omsk synagogue, Judaic community of Omsk Or Hadash, address: Omsk, Marshal Zhukov Street, 53.


Beit hava

Beit Khava — Jewish community, Voronezh, Stankevich street, 6. The building was built in 18991902 according to the project of the Voronezh architect, Catholic in religion, S. L. Myslovsky at the expense of the Jewish community of the city. The building is designed in eclectic style with Moorish motifs.


The building is disfigured beyond recognition ... And once upon a time it was very attractive.

In St. Petersburg, everything will not get to our synagogue ... And we have it very attractive and interesting in architecture. A collection of photos of synagogues in Russia will be update.


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