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Birobidzhan synagogue
Birobidzhan Synagogue (Beit Menachem / Freud), ul. Lenin, 17.

Opened in August 1947.

Decorative sculpture "Rabbi with a shofar"

The decorative sculpture "Rabbi with the Shofar" is excellent! Near the Birobidzhan synagogue, established in 2008.

Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments given by Gd, near the Birobidzhan Synagogue.

Jewish Cultural Center
Jewish cultural center.

A cafe
Jewish kosher cafe. Taki I wrapped!

In Birobidzhan, a complex of buildings, except for the synagogue itself.

The mosque is architecturally miserable. Address: Birobidzhan, Volochaevskaya St., 56.

Christian Presbyterian Church
Christian Presbyterian Church (Protestant), Birobidzhan, ul. Chapaeva, 2A.

Cossack St. Nicholas Church
Cossack St. Nicholas Church (Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker), Birobidzhan, st. Sholom Aleichem, 52.

The first holiday service was held on December 19, 1999, on the day of the patronal feast.

Annunciation Cathedral
Annunciation Cathedral, address: Birobidzhan, st. Lenin, 34.

Built in 2005.

Chapel of the Sovereign Icon of the Mother of God

Chapel of the Sovereign Icon of the Mother of God, Birobidzhan, Victory Square. Built in 2001.

It is a pity there is no church, there would be a complete set of religious buildings. In general, I was lucky with the weather, although the photos turned out pretty good.


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