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One of the oldest cities in Russia, Suzdal.

View of the Suzdal Orthodox Lyceum

View of the Suzdal Orthodox Lyceum

View of the Suzdal Orthodox Lyceum

 St. Basil's Monastery
St. Basil's Monastery, XIII century founding.

The dominant center is the Cathedral in honor of St. Basil the Great (Vasilyevsky), built in 1662–1669.

Wooden sculptures
Wooden sculptures, in the background - the Church of the Resurrection of Christ (left) and the Temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (right).

Memorial to Suzdalians who died in World War II
Memorial to the Suzdalians who died in World War II - under a rectangular white concrete vault with dates "1941 - 1945 "on a low pedestal lies a soldier's helmet, in front of which Eternal Fire is lit. On the side, there is a low wall, on which signs with names of soldiers who fell at the front are fortified. Opened on May 9 1985 years.

Tsarekonstantinovskaya church
Tsarekonstantinovskaya Church, Suzdal, Trade Square. Stone Church, built in 1707 in the place of a dilapidated wooden one.

House of Zhinkin merchants
The former home of the Zhinkin merchants, 1813 built, a monument of town planning and architecture. Nowadays - the Department of Internal Affairs of the Suzdal District.

Behind him on the left is a red brick building - a former female gymnasium.

Suzdal, ul. Lenin, 65.

The Church of St. Nicholas
The Cross-Nikolskaya Church, built on the site of a dilapidated 17th-century wooden chapel in 1770 in honor of getting rid of the “plague” (plague) .

Suzdal, 65a Lenina Street.

View of Suzdal from the Shopping Row
View of Suzdal and the Kamenka River from the Trading Rows, in the distance is the Temple of Elijah the Prophet.

Suzdal Kremlin

View of the Suzdal Kremlin and the Kamenka River from the Trading Rows.

ROAC office
Such a fierce fortress on the balconies ...

Suzdal, Old Street, 2.

Antipievskaya and Lazarevskaya churches
Antipievskaya and Lazarevskaya churches, Suzdal, Staraya Street.

Rizopolozhensky monastery
Rizopolozhensky monastery. The Venerable bell tower - built in honor of the expulsion of Napoleon from Russia, at the beginning of the war 1812, the Suzdalians decided that if this happens - to build the highest in the city bell tower.

Church of Suzdal
The churches of Suzdal, in the foreground - the Church of the Nativity of John the Forerunner, behind it to the right - the Church of Elijah the Prophet Elias Parish (Elias), to the left - the Church of Boris and Gleb (Borisoglebskaya).

The wall of the Rizopolozhensky monastery
The fortress wall of the Rizopolozhensky monastery, Suzdal.

Chapel on Slobodskaya street
Chapel on Slobodskaya street - on the place where until 1937, there were two temples: Pokhvalynsky (summer, built around 1725 of the year) and Varvarinsky (winter, 1737 of the year ).

Suzdal, the intersection of Slobodskaya and Krupskaya streets.

Pokrovsky Convent
Pokrovsky Convent, on the left - St. Nicholas Church (Church of St. Nicholas the Peter and Paul Parish), on the right - Pokrovsky Cathedral (Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos).

Kamenka River
Kamenka River and churches Suzdal.

Pokrovskaya Street
Pokrovskaya street. In the background are the domes of the Nikolskaya Church of the Pokrovsky Monastery.

The walls of the Intercession Monastery
Defensive walls and towers of the Pokrovsky nunnery.

Savior-Euthymius Monastery
The city walls of the Savior Euthymius monastery.

View of the Pokrovsky Monastery
View of the Pokrovsky Convent, the Kamenka River and Suzdal from the fortress walls of the Savior Euthymius monastery.

Suzdal, Pokrovsky Convent

The fortress walls of the Savior Euthymius monastery
The fortress walls of the Savior Euthymius monastery

For the needs of the army
Some clown collects money for the "needs of the army" and "the death of bourgeois" :)

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Bust to Dmitry Pozharsky
Bust of Dmitry Pozharsky in the park in front of the Travel Tower of the Savior Euthymius monastery.

Gate of the Annunciation Church
Gate Church of the Annunciation.

Archimandrite Corps
Two-storey L-shaped building - the house-chambers of the Archimandrite, the years of construction between 1628 and 1660.

Transfiguration Cathedral
Savior Transfiguration Cathedral and the belfry, Savior Euthymius Monastery, Suzdal.

About the window
About the window.

The tomb of the princes Pozharsky
The tomb of the princes Pozharsky on the territory of the Savior Euthymius monastery.

Smolensk Church
Smolensk Church (Church in the name of Our Lady of Smolensk) with a bell tower. Architectural styles are different, because the bell tower was built later, which was a frequent occurrence.

Suzdal, Lenin Street, 148a.

Church of the Ascension of the Lord
Church of the Ascension (Ascension Church).

Church of the Ascension

St. Alexander Monastery
St. Alexander Monastery, founded by Alexander Nevsky in 1240.

Monument to Lenin
The monument to Lenin on Red Square Suzdal is molded according to the design of Moscow sculptor A. A. Tyurenkov and installed in 1978 year.

Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
Temple of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Temple Paraskeva Friday and the Temple of the Entrance of the Lord in Jerusalem
Temple Paraskeva Friday and the Temple of the Entrance of the Lord in Jerusalem.

Suzdal, Kremlin Street.

Monument to A. A. Lebedev
Monument to Alexei Alekseevich Lebedev - marine poet and submariner. He died in 1941 in the Baltic.

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Church of the Transfiguration of the village Kozlyateva
Transfiguration Church transferred to Suzdal from the village of Kozlyateva.

Kremlin defensive shaft
Kremlin defensive shaft

The Church of Elijah the Prophet on Ivanovo Mountain
The Church of Elijah the Prophet on Ivanova Gora (Elias Church). There is an opinion that the name of the mountain was derived from the pagan idol Ivan Kupala standing in the place of the temple.

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Suzdal cat
Gloomy Suzdal cat :)

Girl and cat
Kitty check out not only me :)

Suzdal cat
Suzdal cat

Suzdal cat
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Wooden architecture of Suzdal - separately.


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