Italy trip: pillboxes in Sicily

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In Sicily periodically come across pillboxes of the Second World War. The broken pillbox I saw only one, the others are in a good condition. I heard that before disembarkation island Americans have got support of a local Mafia, having promised indulgences in commodity-money relations between sicilians and the companies of the USA; thanks to what the American armies not only could land, but also have quickly enough received control over island (and a landscape of Sicily, it is necessary to tell, has no to fast conducting operations — on the contrary to defend on any rock it is possible for years).

Kate station, the pillbox of the Second World War
Kate station, hasten to see — the pillbox of the Second World War. To put a machine gun and to shoot the sinking.

Pillbox of the Second World War
To a defensive point and shed.

Pillbox of the Second World War. Sicily, coast of Mediterranean sea
Pillbox at coast Mediterranean sea (the south of island) absolutely near to a place of our stay — suburb Mazara del Vallo.

Pillbox at road
The pillbox at road.

Selinunte. A hill with the pillbox
Vicinities Selinunte. Find a cat.

Selinunte. A hill with the pillbox
Here it!

I regret that has not stopped to photograph the broken pillbox. And still after the journey saw surprising teardrop-shaped armored covers, too there are no photo.

Pillboxes settle down far apart and it is a little of them. Means Germans simply had not time to create a high-grade line of defence. And it is even more probable — have counted upon the allies — Italians. And Duche till 1943 rubbed to Hitler that Italians here here will beat out allied armies from Africa (and Gibraltar with Malta will take) — but somehow has not grown together.


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