Trip to Spain: Madrid. Part 2

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Continuation the first post about Madrid, a few photo of the capital of Spain.

In Madrid in the centre tremendous indexes of names of streets and the squares.
Indexes of street names

Indexes of street names
About a horse. Will pay attention what smart lanterns!

By the way, in other Spanish cities of the tablet too abrupt, in each settlement the style.

From the Square of Spain we going to the Royal Palace. The area before the Royal Palace actually consists of three parts: the Garden of Kabo-Noval, East area (Plaza de Oriente) and the Garden of Lepanto.
Sculptures of the Spanish kings on the area before the Royal Palace
On border of East area from both parties there are Spanish kings.

First king of Spain
The first king of Spain with a distinctive red heart.

Monument to victims in civil war
Monument to victims in civil war. For some reason this monument rather was pleasant to me.

Street cafe Nearby to royal theatre of unreal beauty a street cafe.

Metro station the Opera
The nearest metro station the Opera (nearby to Royal Opera). In the foreground a usual ladder, on back — the lift. The Madrid stations of underground any imperceptible, I did not see any large separate station, as in Petersburg.

Souvenir bench
Souvenir bench with absolutely unusual form.

Doors and windows
Doors and windows. Here and there across Madrid such flights of engineering thought came across. Unknown appointment, likely instead of a jalousie.

Levitating people

Levitating people

Levitating people
On the central streets and squares such «levitating people» here and there come across.

Drinking fountain
Drinking fountain in small square. In Spain even the tiniest parlor or a joint of streets — at once Plasa (square).

Monument to the yard keeper
Monument to the yard keeper.

Column with a cross
Column with a cross (doubtful art value). Spaniards the people devout enough, the Christian symbolics comes across continually.

Small street

Small street

Plasa-major, a huge soap bubble
Poorly such to inflate? On the Plasa-major (historical «main» square at which the place before the Royal Palace tries to take away laurels) too the people earn as can. Who inflates bubbles, who levitates. Weather sad, we here have returned next day.

Plasa-major, mummer

Kasa-de-la-Panaderija («Bakery») on the Plasa-major. Picturesquely ornamented building once was bakery of a court yard, paternal and has received the name.

Small street
Look what kitchen gardens on walls and on roofs. Often such plantations on terraces, by the way, came across.

We were curtailed and have gone to the El Escorial to look unreal height a cross — the Valley of the Fallen (The Valle de los Caídos), a pantheon the victim in civil war.

Have returned to Madrid in the evening, at station have stumbled about any cheerful little girls, which with pleasure pose.

Girls angels

House with a turret
The house with a turret with interesting Mauritian motives in architecture.

Day the fourth

Sibeles Square and a fountain
The Sibeles Square and fountain with a chariot. A building with a gold ball on a roof — the Central bank of Spain.

National library of Spain
National library of Spain. A huge building in parkway Rikoletos.

Columbus's Square and a monument to it
Columbus's Square and monument to it.

Deskubrimiento Gardens
Deskubrimiento Gardens, memorial complex in honour of Columbus's travel.

Columbus's Square and a monument, a view on National library
The square and monument to Columbus, view on National library.


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