Trip to Spain: Madrid. Part 1

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Madrid. It is a lot of photo and the text. A lot of time I can't sort photos from trip in Spain in May, 2013.

The chief city Spain is necessarily recommended to visiting, let even with the somewhat eccentric architecture, Madrid is smart and interesting.
Let's begin with huge city park Buen-Retiro.

Enter in park Retiro
Enter in park Retiro. Spaniards love arches. Influence of Italians in all architecture, but the Spanish classicism any poor, in comparison with the same Italian is appreciable.

Fountain Artichoke

Fountain Artichoke. Fuente de la Alcachofa [spanish].

Grace Fountain
Grace fountain. Spaniards as we yet time will see, terribly love aunts in a body. Can because Spaniards lean as voblas?

Park Retiro

Park Retiro

Park Retiro

Monument to king Alfonso XII
Monument-mausoleum to king Alfonso XII. Park Retiro. Spaniards terribly love huge disproportionate monuments. This most picturesque with other-wordly height of a pedestal.

Monument to general Martinez Kamposu
Monument to general Martinez Kamposu (spanish: Martinez Campos). Can, if will want, to put and normal monuments, without a gigantomania.

Park Retiro
Park Retiro, Jardines del Retiro [spanish].

Arch Craved
For collar Craved on a square of Independence. Has just passed the powerful short-term downpour which has dispersed all people from streets. In general in Madrid it was cool enough for this time, Spaniards spoke that on the end of April is hefty cold (+10—15), should be more than +20.

Communication Palace
Communication Palace on the square of Sibeles, Palacio de Comunicaciones [spanish]. An unreal pomposity a vast object.

Communication Palace on the square of Sibeles
Communication Palace on the square of Sibeles, a fountain with the same name.

Fountain Neptune
Fountain Neptune on the square Kanovas-del-Kastilo.

Fountain Neptune
The same fountain at night. In Madrid there are very many fountains, Spaniards love them.

Monument to beauty of a female body
Monument to beauty of a female body (through the area from National library). A cool modern monument. By the way too rather big, but in this case, perhaps that is justified.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace in Madrid, constructed with a manner on splendour of Versailles. A building asymmetrical! It is a failure. Same classical classicism, all should be ideally verified. I think the owner has told to the architect: «and complete to me fifty more rooms».

Royal opera theatre, foyer
Royal opera theatre, foyer. Not to visit theatre we could not, it was included into our obligatory program.

Royal Madrid opera theatre
Royal Madrid opera theatre.

Ancient keyboard tool, the forerunner of a grand piano.
The ancient keyboard tool, to the forerunner of a grand piano. In an interval only the lazy was not photographed with this tool.

Mona Liza
Mona Liza of the sidewalk artist.

Graffiti on shop-fronts
In the centre of Madrid all is ornamented. Everywere.

Drawings on shop

Attention the street name where we stopped:
Calle de Santa Rafaela Maria del Sagrado Gorazon
Calle de Santa Rafaela Maria del Sagrado Gorazon!!!

House number
We stopped in the area, adjoining on the sleeping. Names of streets here are easier, than in the centre. And numbers of houses very cool (truth such only on country houses, on high-rise buildings is easier).

Madrid taxi
All taxi Madrid white colour with a small red strip on-diagonal and a municipal arm on a door. In other cities the same, only strips of other colour (in Zaragoza, for example, lilac) and the arms, accordingly others. At each car and I maximum have met the board number 15000 with something. The taxi likely all the same is less, but all is a lot of that should please.

Calla de Craved also a building the Metropolis
Calla de Craved also a building the Metropolis. In Spanish will be Calle de Alcalá and Edificio Metrópolis accordingly. About architecture Madrid I spoke. And so, who has more money, those and columns have more and by all means tower over the house. The quantity of the enclosed money is reflected in quantity and the sizes of statues and quantity are disparate to a stucco moulding on a facade.

Is picturesque-green station in Madrid.

The main railroad station also is outside rather picturesque:
Building of the main station in Madrid
Building of the main station in Madrid. On the square certainly a fountain, as without it.

Prado Museum
Prado Museum (Museo del Prado [spanish]), a monument to Velasquez.

Before an enter in a museum there is a monument to other great Spanish artist: Monument of Goja before Prado museum
Monument of Goja before Prado museum.

Before a museum stood two disproportionate turns: one in cash desk (kilometre), the second (short) to booking terminals with payment by cards. By card by tickets faster and less turn to the museum.

Monument to the unknown artist before Prado museum
Monument to the unknown artist, not differently.

Church the Dignity of Heronimo
San Heronimo church. Church of an ancient monastery the Dignity of Heronimo the Ale the Real, formed Enrike IV in 1464. Throughout three hundred years successors of the Crown here swore. Phillip II — on April, 18th, 1528, and last Izabel II – on June, 20th, 1833 was the first.

Let's walk on Prado parkway.
Fountain in Prado parkway
Fountain in Prado parkway

Fountain in Prado parkway
Small fountain nearby the Communication Palace. I wrote above: fountains in Madrid — the sea, all grades and calibres.

Fountain and pleasant lanterns
City architecture poor and coarse, but street lanterns — smart. Anyway in city centre.

Small street of Madrid
Remarkable a small street. Madrid the city all the same old, dews also was built up chaotically. In the centre it is a lot of similar small streets. In difference from Sicily where on each balcony any cowards by all means dry, at Spaniards such it is not accepted. And balconies are faster for appearance, rather than for the utilitarian purposes. And on everyone it is indispensable flowers.

The square of Spain, Plaza de España [spanish]:
Fountain with naked young ladies
Fountain with naked young ladies. Nearby to a monument to Quixote and Sancho Panse.

Monument to Migel Cervantes
On the one hand a monument Migel Cervantes.

Small street in Madrid
With other its heroes: Quixote and Sancho Panso. In Madrid graffiti everywhere, it is the present scourge for a city. In Italy the same problem.

General view of a monument of Migel de Cervantes
General view of a monument of Migel de Cervantes and the fountain. Weather sad, pictures as on phone... Behind two vast objects: at the left the Madrid tower, on the right — a building «Spain».

Stone shops
On the same area beautiful stone shops.

Department of art of Madrid
We going to the Royal Palace. A building with a turret (by the way, ugly turrets are very favourite by Spaniards): department of art of Madrid (spanish: Compañia Asturiana de Minas). The cool bridge with flowers and a cool bench.

Department of art of Madrid

Let's distract from beauty: in Spain in general and in Madrid in particular, traffic is is cool organised. The good roads, which Spaniards name «the most bad in Europe» (it the Spaniard at which we has told lived, the autoinstructor in a trade). I on all Madrid have found only one hole, have brushed away avaricious tear. An ideal marking, extremely clear huge indexes over lines and the smart duplicated traffic lights:
Additional traffic light
Additional traffic light. The basic traffic light at height of two metres and under it a small traffic light at level of eyes of auto driver.

Basic traffic light
The basic traffic light. This is not duplicated because costs on a dividing strip, doubled on the other hand roads.

To be continued


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