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After visit the Valley of the Fallen we have gone to a nearby city: The Royal Site of San Lorenzo de El Escorial (or shortly El Escorial) to look at royal residence Escorial and a huge medieval monastery the San Lorenzo.

So, the El Escorial and the monastery / royal residence there are some photo of small town:

Monastery of Escorial
Monastery, palace and residence of the king Spain Philip II. Philip II has wanted, that its residence was in an hour of driving from Madrid and that it was in terribly picturesque place. Exists legend, say the future architect Escoriala, Juan Bautista de Toledo (by the way pupil Michelangelo) travelled about the whole year after district in search of the best place. All has begun from the monastery and has expanded in huge royal residence — the biography of the king written in a stone. In the art plan of opinion disperse from «miracle of the world» to «an architectural nightmare».

Escorial photo — Spain

El Escorial, the main church of the monastery.

St. Lavrenty in honour of whom the monastery has been based, terribly we esteem Spaniards for its most cruel martyr death — Spaniard Lavrenty is alive fried on an iron lattice.

Escorial, a ladder in a royal tomb
Ladder in a royal tomb. I hardly on a cap have not received for this photo. It appears here it is impossible to photograph, likely as well as in a memorial of the Valley of the Fallen — not to disturb spirit of ancestors. Paranoiacs. In the tomb I any more did not begin to risk.

Arch and stairs
Pass between houses.

Stone bench
Along an external wall of a monastery such remarkable stone bench has got here.

Wattled urn
Wattled urn! Beauty what. It is not assured that else somewhere such will meet.

Monument. El Escorial
Could not find to whom a monument, I assume that to the first architect of Escorial — Juan Bautista de Toledo.

Street in the El Escorial
On one of small streets in the El Escorial has got to us a remarkable single electromobile Renault. Flight of engineering thought, certainly. And a small street rather lovely.

Lantern on the square. El Escorial
Wonderful lantern on one of the square. All the same I feed a certain weakness for street lanterns and I can not pass by.

Street cafe
One of numerous street cafes. Like and institutions the sea, but a problem where to eat at us was always. At Spaniards categorically hardly with English — it nobody knows, behind an exception, maybe, waiters in the centre Madrid. And it is very rare where the menu duplicated in English. Walking on Escorial we as a result have stumbled about a cheap cafe, before an input in which there was a stand with photos. Stupidly having pointed a finger at the dishes which have interested by sight we at last could have dinner normally.

Buildings of municipal library of Escorial
Buildings of municipal library of Escorial and as I have understood, town hall.

Let's drive a little on small streets the El Escorial. Photos from a car.
Small streets in the El Escorial

Small streets in the El Escorial

Small streets in the El Escorial

Small streets in the El Escorial

Small streets in the El Escorial

Small streets in the El Escorial

Small streets in the El Escorial

Small streets in the El Escorial

Small streets in the El Escorial
On this small street even to me became scary from such dashing inclination.

Small streets in the El Escorial

Everything, have left a city, have swept back aside Madrid.

Road to the El Escorial

Road to the El Escorial

Through glass of the car I was too lazy to level a photo, not very art value.


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