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Photos from Petrozavodsk are ancient - 2008 and 2009, but for some reason I did not post them all.

Avant-garde designs on the waterfront
"Wave of Friendship" - a sculpture from the twin city of Varkaus ( Finland )
By Anna Kettunen

The left arch is “Unity” (“Spark of Friendship”), symbolizing the cooperation between the two cities of two different countries, a gift from the city of Joensuu (Finland).
Author: Teppo Laurinolli.

Arch. Sculpture Unity


Stylized tools
Stylized cannons on the embankment of Lake Onezhskoye in Petrozavodsk .

Idol pillar
Idol-like pillar .

Onego is a gift from the Leningrad Region to Petrozavodsk in honor of the 300th anniversary of the city. Allegorically depicts the birth of a new outpost of Russia - the warrior descends from boat to shore, where a new city will be founded.

Performance characteristics: Height with a pedestal of 11.5 m, height of the figure of a warrior 7.5 m.

The rotunda is located on the left side of the embankment, if you look at Lake Onega. For the citizens of Petrozavodsk, this is a meeting place for lovers, and in the summer - parties for roller skaters and skaters.

Sculpture Fishermen
Avant-garde installation on the embankment of Lake Onega, presented by the twin city of Duluth (Minnesota, USA). Russian and American fishermen are throwing a net together - according to the author’s idea it symbolizes joint creative work.

Author: Raphael Consuegra.

Fisherman's face
From shit and sticks to make such beauty!

General view of the Onega embankment
General view of the Onega embankment

Monument to Peter I on the Onega embankment
Monument to the founder of Petrozavodsk - Peter I.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels lead the conversation. Opened on May 10, 1960, in connection with the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Karelian Labor Commune.

The author of the sculpture is the Kiev sculptor Efim Isaevich Belostoksky in collaboration with Elius Moiseevich Fridman and Peter Filippovich Osipenko.

Kalevala Fountain

Opus Kalevala, immortalized in stone (Elias Lonnrot Square).

Wooden house
One of the wooden houses in Petrozavodsk . Crafts Center, st. Kirov, 13 - on the corner of the same square. Next to the interesting - a maternity hospital with sculptures.

Restaurant Advertising
Carved wooden advertising pillar at the corner of Lenin Avenue and Friedrich Engels Street. Always been delighted with wood carving. In the northern provinces, a lot of different creative comes across. I will pass Yaroslavl someday - be sure to capture the bear at the entrance to the city =).

Cool avant-garde fountain in the Central Square on Lenin Avenue.

Fountain opposite PetrSU
Fountain "Molecule" and a stele with a ship opposite Petrozavodsk State University

Rotunda on the waterfront
Rotunda on the embankment of Lake Onega .

The head of the sculpture Onego
The head of the sculpture “Onego” close up, photo on the embankment of Lake Onega in Petrozavodsk.

Stone god
Stone god. Embankment of Lake Onega .

Well, figs with you, thump

Lenin monument
Monument to Lenin by the outstanding sculptor Matthew Genrikhovich Manizer.

Parted here
One of the two cast-iron lions on Lenin Square in Petrozavodsk .

Mouth of the Lion
There is a coin in the lion's mouth :) Some local sign, probably.

Paw of a lion

I met similar lions in Smolensk and Novgorod .

Monument to S. M. Kirov
The monument to S. M. Kirov (also Manizer) was opened on December 12, 1936 on the square of the same name. During the war, dismantled by the Finns, according to some data was found and installed in the second half of the 40s in the city of Medvezhegorsk. Re-cast and installed in 1945 .

Behind Kirov is the Musical Theater (post-war, built in 1955 according to the design of architect Savva Brodsky) with a pediment decorated with the Friendship sculptural group (10 figurines symbolize the "indestructible friendship of the peoples of the Karelian-Finnish SSR and fraternal cooperation with the great Russian people, spiritual forces of a simple Soviet person, the desire of the Soviet people to give all their strength to the further strengthening of the wealth and power of our Motherland ”).

Seagull, diving under the water.

In the air!

In the air!

Seagull front view and duck on the water.

Boulders throughout Karelia everywhere - the consequences of the glacier descent at the end of the Ice Age. Funny building in the background - the registrar.

The pyramid in honor of the work on the improvement of the embankment. And the embankment is really awesome! Inferior Wooden sculptures
Wooden sculptures. As I understand it - it was a temporary exhibition in the open. Well, yes, and the tree is very short-lived.

Forged Rose
Forged rose.

Angels (well, probably). T.N. " Stone embankment ". Boulders did not clean up, but made them part of the art objects. Great!

 The Sun art object
Art object "The Sun".

Lanterns are miserable, but they are sufficient for lighting.

Art Objects
Art objects "Wave of Friendship" and "Unity".

Forty on the Embankment
Forty on the waterfront. Or a crow, I do not distinguish them :)

Cranes Fountain
The Cranes Fountain is strange but something interesting. According to the intelligence data, the fountain was found, these cranes are no more (it was located in the park named after the 71st rifle division).

 Old cannons
Ancient guns of the XVII-XVIII centuries.

Air Bomb
An aviation bomb of some fiercely large caliber.

Exposition of the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia
Exposition in the open air at the National Museum of the Republic of Karelia.

Exposition of the local history museum
Products Olonets plants .

Monument to G. R. Derzhavin
Monument to G. R. Derzhavin in the Governor’s Garden.

Eternal Flame
Eternal flame I do not know how I missed it with this photo ...

Something I did not understand the meaning of this cellar.

Sculpture Mermaid
Sculpture "Mermaid" (?)

 The Mermaid sculpture
Quite by chance I stumbled over a beautiful sculpture from the 80s (apparently these are years).

Fisherman and Mermaid
Wooden funny sculpture "Fisherman and Mermaid".

Wooden cat
Cool wooden cat : 3

Entry to the store
Entry to the store! The store moved out and took the steps with it :)))

Swimming inside the ball
I first saw such a strange entertainment - swimming inside the ball. I would not go.

Swimming inside the ball
Although the ball is insured with a rope, it’s somehow dumb.


A seagull in flight and a Meteor to Kizhi
Gull in flight and Meteor to Kizhi. Yes, they are the cheapest to go to Kizhi from Petrozavodsk.

Petrozavodsk turned out to be very rich in different nishtyaki, and the St. Petersburg was not in Petrozavodsk - a looser.


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