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Novosibirsk railway station
Station in Novosibirsk gorgeous! Both outside and inside:

Orangery in the waiting room of Novosibirsk station

in the waiting room of Novosibirsk railway station is greenhouse.

Piano in train station
Grand piano in the train station. Super! One of the best stations in the Siberia and Russia at all.

Management of the West Siberian Railway
Huge buildings of the management of the West-Siberian railway.

Lenin Square
Monument to I. Lenin on the eponymous square in Novosibirsk. For Ilyich - Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater.

Chamber Hall Philharmonic
Novosibirsk Chamber Philharmonic Hall, a pleasant Stalinist Empire. The building is known by people as the “House of Lenin”, the city authorities decided to perpetuate the memory of Lenin and build a memorial house, which was realized in 1924 - 1926 . The gable was decorated with the inscription “Lenin died. Leninism is alive. 1870-1924 ", but, unfortunately, not preserved.

Novosibirsk, Krasny Prospect, house number 32.

On the Red Avenue
The main street is surprisingly not Lenin, but Red Avenue.

Street art
Street art

I could not miss such a character without taking a picture. Perhaps, for the first time in my life, I heard: “Thank you!”. Answered: - Thank you!

4 styles, 4 eras
4 styles, 4 eras. The attractive red brick building - The building of the Russian-Chinese Bank was built at the beginning of the 20th century, now it is the regional youth library, Novosibirsk, 26 Krasny Ave.

The house of the merchant Fedor Danilovich Mashtakova
The house of the merchant Fedor Danilovich Mashtakov (1903) at the intersection of Vorontsovskaya Street and Nikolaevsky Avenue (Sverdlov Street and Krasny Avenue). Now the Novosibirsk State Art School (NGHU) is located in this house.

Old house

Old, presumably pre-revolutionary red brick house.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Cathedral in the name of Alexander Nevsky . Address: Novosibirsk, Red Avenue 1A. Orthodox church in neo-Byzantine style, erected in 1899 (built in just 2 years).

Monument to Alexander III
Monument to Alexander III, who ordered to build the first bridge across the Ob, the construction of which served the appearance of the city of Novosibirsk in 1894 - 1897 . Behind the monument is the passage of the bridge itself.
The span of the first permanent bridge across the Ob

About the dog
Photos on Instagram: ass :)

The river Ob and the railway bridge over it.

Electric train
The train leaves the railway station "River Station", Novosibirsk .

Don Quixote
Monument to Don Quixote . Obviously, the nearby business got a hitch and ordered such a nice monument.

Samsonov House
The Samsonov House (Address: Novosibirsk, Makovsky St., 1) is a nice wooden carved house.

Lenin's bust
And in the courtyard - a bust of Lenin ! Suddenly.

The office of the engineer G. M. Budagov
Office of the engineer G. M. Budagov, st. Bolshevik number 7, Novosibirsk . Nice wooden house with carved windows, built in the late 1890s. Recently renovated, back in 2010 was in very poor condition.

The house of the engineer G. M. Budagov

Stela Russian ruble
Stella Russian ruble is on Oktyabrsky Avenue near the building of Sberbank (Serebrennikovskaya street, 20A).

Chapel in the name of St. Nicholas
Chapel in the name of St. Nicholas on the Red Avenue.

Sculpture Siberian open spaces
Architectural and artistic composition "Siberian open spaces" (popularly known as "Sobol"), Novosibirsk intersection of Red Avenue and October Railway. The authors of the project: artist Yuri Burika, architects - Alexey Kovalenko, Evgeny Boyarischev.

Four sables of carbon fiber hold a stylized dome of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater and a fragment of the first bridge across the Ob River .

The grand opening of the composition is timed to the 115th anniversary of Novosibirsk (June 28, 2008).

Sculpture Girl with a Kitten
And next to a tiny sculpture "Girl with a kitten". Milota :)

Novosibirsk State Museum of Local History
Novosibirsk State Museum of Local History, Krasny Prospect, 23. The building of the City Trade Building was erected in 1910 according to the design of the architect Andrei Dmitrievich Kryachkov in the rationalistic modern style. Museum since 1920 .

Memorial sign on the site of the first cinema Novonikolayevsk
A memorial sign on the site of the first cinema Novonikolayevsk, founded in 1908 by Fedot Faddeevich Makhotin. Novosibirsk, pl. Lenin.

Suburban Station
Suburban station .

Funny cactus, most likely the nearby business got a heck of it and just decorated the flower bed. Why not, strictly speaking.

Arch in a high-rise building
I rarely meet such that there are apartments above the roadway.

Siberian Street
Siberian street, kitsch golden skyscraper. Expensive, rich!

Former City (Andreevskoe) School
Former city (Andreevskoe) school. Date of construction - 1909 - 1912 years. Architect - A.D. Kryachkov. Pleasant Art Nouveau, Sibirskaya Street, 54. Now - the regional center of sports training.

Kondratyuk Square
Kondratyuk Square, stele with Lenin.

Ihlas Historical Mosque
The historic Ikhlas mosque (originally the Mosque of the Novonikolayevsky Mohammedan Society), was built in 1916 at the expense of believers. Frunze Street, 1A.

Flowerbed, benches, lights
Flowerbed, benches, lights - class!

Wi-Fi Distributing Tree
The tree that distributes Wi-Fi.

Globe Fountain
Fountain "Globe". Probably the Soviet era.

Lenin Square
Lenin Square and the vast Red Avenue - the main thoroughfare of Novosibirsk.

Red Avenue
On the right is the Novosibirsk State Museum of Local Lore, on the left is the city hall.

Life of the Peoples of the North
Funny sculptures in Pervomaisky Square - Gen. peoples of the North. In general, there are plenty of various small sculptural forms.

Meeting Sculpture
The sculpture "Meeting" .

Flower bed in Pervomaisky Park
Flower bed in Pervomaisky Square.

 The sculpture Forester
Sculpture "Forester . "

Sculptural composition Little Shepherd
Sculpture composition "Shepherd".

Behind my back is the Novosibirsk State Museum of Local Lore.

Former Novikolayevsk Compound, Krasny Prospect, 22
Former Novonikolayevsk compound, Red Avenue, 22. In Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg surprisingly interesting skyscrapers. Not stupid rectangle of glass, as in Voronezh .

 The building of the Novosibirsk regional executive committee of deputies of workers
The building of the Novosibirsk regional executive committee of deputies of workers, constructivism in 1932 . Red Avenue, 18.

Red Ave., 12
Red Avenue, 12, pleasant brick building.

Railway bridge over the Ob
Railway bridge across the Ob . And funny chicken coop guard post :)

Are there any signs of Zionism?

Wedding locks on the embankment fence
And then this game ...

 Quay of Ob
The embankment of Ob along the park "City Beginning" is magnificent. When I was in the park, some improvement works were going on, i.e. will be even better!

 October Bridge
The October Bridge and immediately followed by the Metro Bridge.

Wretched benches, simpler bins
Bench miserable, prostretskie urns.

Metro Bridge
Metro bridge over the Ob .

Post of police
Post of police cool! Steeper than in Samara .

View of the October Bridge from the River Station
View of the October Bridge from the River Station.

he letters near the banquet hall Forum
The letters near the banquet hall "Forum", well, Nitsche so.

 Old wooden house
Old wooden house.

Globus Theater
Theater "Globus" .

Flower bed with a clock
Flower bed with a clock, well done what!

Avant-garde compositions
Avant-garde compositions in the square of Heroes of the Revolution.

Monument to Lenin on the eponymous square
Monument to Lenin on the eponymous square.

Signboard bread
Unreal beauty signboard "bread" of the 60s / 70s. What a great fellow that saved!

In general, Novosibirsk, like Yekaterinburg, fully met my expectations. Large 3 million megacities with excellent infrastructure, high-rise buildings and many small nishtyakov in the form of old merchant houses and a small park sculpture.


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