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Like Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk is an interesting Siberian city, in which many ancient merchant mansions, both stone and wooden, have been preserved.

Railway station of Krasnoyarsk
Railway station of Krasnoyarsk. On the left is a stele crowned with a lion (city emblem).

the Red Square

Red Square.
Stela in the distance - Monument to those killed in the battles for Soviet power.

Roman catholic church
Roman Catholic Church (Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord), Krasnoyarsk, Dekabristov street, 20. The building was built in 1911 according to the project of the Krasnoyarsk architect Vladimir Alexandrovich Sokolovsky.

Music School No. 5
Music School No. 5, Krasnoyarsk, ul. Decembrists, 22. The building was built in 1909-1911. (architect V. A. Sokolovsky, the same as the author of the Catholic church nearby). Presumably the house of clergy. I first met a wooden neo-Gothic, it is unlikely that Russia still has anything like that.

The former house of Sevastyanov
The former house of Sevastyanov, Krasnoyarsk, st. Karl Marx, 118 (architect - S. G. Drizhenko, the second floor was added by V. A. Sokolovsky). At present - the youth center for tourism and local history. Interestingly, Sevostyanova is written on a plate on the house - probably by mistake.

Street clock
Street clock a la Big Ben, Krasnoyarsk, near the house number 6 on Gorky Street (Karl Marx, 116).

The layout of the Cherepanov steam locomotive
Model of the Cherepanovs locomotive near the building of the Krasnoyarsk Railway Administration, Krasnoyarsk, Gorky, 6 (Karl Marx, 116).

Lenin monument
Monument to Lenin on the Revolution Square. Opened April 22, 1970, the day of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lenin.
Sculptor V. Pinchuk in collaboration with G. Yastrebenetsky, architect S. Speransky.

Toy railway
Toy railway

Children's railway, train arrival
Arrival of the train at the Yubileinaya station. Krasnoyarsk, Central Park.

Panorama of the Yenisei

Panorama of the Yenisei from the observation TsPKiO Krasnoyarsk.

State Universal Scientific Library
Красноярск , ул. State Universal Scientific Library, Krasnoyarsk , ul. Karl Marx, 114. The richest book depository of Siberia.

Pay attention to what benches! Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Sculpture "Photographer"
The sculpture "Photographer", Krasnoyarsk , near the house number 98 on Prospect Mira (Siberian State Institute of Arts named after D. Hvorostovsky).

Monument to Andrei Pozdeev
Красноярск , возле Красноярского государственного педагогического университета им. Monument to the artist Andrei Pozdeev, Krasnoyarsk , near the Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after V.P. Astafyeva (KSPU), Prospekt Mira, 83.

The sculpture was opened on September 27, 2000. Architect: M. Merkulov, sculptor: Yu. Zloty.

To make a wish you need to rub your nose.

Sculpture "Cats"
The sculpture "Cats" on the facade of the building of KSPU.

Sculpture "Cats"

Rotunda with the sculptural composition "Alexander Pushkin and Natalia Goncharova"
Красноярск , проспект Мира, пересечение с улицей Кирова. Rotunda with the sculptural composition "Alexander Pushkin and Natalya Goncharova", Krasnoyarsk , Prospekt Mira, intersection with Kirova street.

Opened June 10, 2008. Architect A.S. Demirkhanov, sculptor K.M. Zinich.

Apartment building M. I. Semenov and I. I. Romanov
Apartment building M. I. Semenov and I. I. Romanov.
The building was built in 1900 - 1904.

Krasnoyarsk , Prospect Mira, 86.

High relief of a worker
High relief of the worker.

The former building of the Krasnoyarsk public meeting
Красноярск , проспект Мира, 69. В настоящее время — Дом офицеров. Former building of the Krasnoyarsk public meeting, Krasnoyarsk , Prospekt Mira, 69. Currently - the House of Officers.

Architect V. A. Sokolovsky. The building was built in 1915.

House Bazilevich
House Bazilevich, Krasnoyarsk , Lenin st., 88. Behind him is the House of the philistine Volgang (86 Lenin St.), further - the House of the philistine OK Andreeva, Lenin st., 84 ( 1911 ). Monuments of architecture.

Old wooden mansions along Weinbaum Street
Old wooden mansions on Veynbaum street, st. Lunin 67 and after him st. Weinbaum 32.

Kacha River
Kacha River

Monument to the inspector of GAI
Красноярск , Брянская улица, 23). Monument to the inspector of the traffic police near the traffic police department (Krasnoyarsk, Bryanskaya street, 23).

Krasnoyarsk synagogue
Krasnoyarsk synagogue, st. Surikova, 65.

Sculpture "Uncle Yasha and the trainee"
Красноярск , возле дома №41 по улице Парижской Коммуны. The sculpture "Uncle Yasha and the trainee", Krasnoyarsk , near the house number 41 on the Paris Commune street.

Sculptor A. Kiyanitsyn, the monument was erected in 2003 in honor of the 90th anniversary of the Krasnoyarsk water utility.

Annunciation Church
Красноярск , улица Ленина, 13. Одно из старейших каменных зданий города. Annunciation Church ( 1804 - 1822 years of construction) of the Holy Annunciation Convent, Krasnoyarsk , Lenin Street 13. One of the oldest stone buildings in the city.

The sculpture "Bears"
Красноярск , двор между домами №9 и 9а по улице Конституции СССР. The sculpture "Bears", Krasnoyarsk , the courtyard between houses No. 9 and 9a on the street of the Constitution of the USSR.

Themis Fountain
The Femida Fountain in front of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Court, Justice Square. Prospect Mira, 17.

Triumphal Arch in honor of the 375th anniversary of Krasnoyarsk
Красноярск , площадь Мира. Triumphal Arch in honor of the 375th anniversary of Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk , Peace Square. It stands on the site of the gate of the Spasskaya tower of the Krasnoyarsk prison. Opened September 5, 2003, architect: A. S. Demirkhanov.

Monument to Commander Rezanov
Красноярск , площадь Мира. Monument to Commander Nikolai Petrovich Rezanov, Krasnoyarsk , Peace Square. Opened June 9, 2007.
Sculptors: A. S. Demirkhanov, K. M. Zinich; architect: A. B. Kasatkin.

Cenotaph N.P. Rezanov
Красноярск , площадь Мира. Cenotaph N.P. Rezanov, Krasnoyarsk , Peace Square. Despite the fact that in the guides and on the maps it is marked as the grave of Rezanov, this is not so, therefore it is not a tombstone, but a cenotaph. The alleged burial place of Rezanov is located at the Trinity Cemetery.

“In the summer of August 1831, on the 16th day this monument was erected by the dependency of the Russian-American company to commemorate the unforgettable merits rendered to it by the real chamberlain Nikolai Petrovich Rezanov, who, returning from America to Russia, died in Krasnoyarsk on March 1, 1807, and buried on the 13th of the same month. "

Art object "Bear"
Красноярск , площадь Мира. Art object "Bear", Krasnoyarsk , Peace Square.

Vinogradovsky pedestrian bridge
Vinogradovsky pedestrian bridge from the "arrow" to the island of Tatyshev.

Vinogradovsky pedestrian bridge

Site "Side of the World"
The Side of the World platform is part of a complex dedicated to Commander Nikolai Rezanov, one of the leaders of the first Russian circumnavigation of the world. The globe is inscribed on the globe, and the wind rose on the earth. Krasnoyarsk, Peace Square.

Vinogradovsky pedestrian bridge
Vinogradovsky pedestrian bridge.

Strelka Embankment
Strelka Embankment is excellent. And there are many benches and even a swing. One of the best embankments in Russia, to match the Samara.

I’ve never seen anything like this - not benches, but chairs!

Sculptural composition "White horse"
Sculptural composition "White horse" on the embankment of the arrow, Krasnoyarsk . Opened in 2006.
Authors: E. A. Pashchenko, A. Artyomov. The sculpture is an exact replica of a life-size Central Russian horse and is dedicated to the pioneers of Siberia, the Cossacks, led by Andrei Dubensky, dismounted the horses and founded a prison.

Stone in honor of the founders of the prison "Krasny Yar"
Stone in honor of the founders of the prison "Krasny Yar", Krasnoyarsk , spit. The prison near the Red Yar was built in August 1628 by the Cossacks of governor Andrei Dubensky. One of his tasks for the future city was military defense against the Mongolian and Turkic tribes.

Art object "Motherland"
Art object "Motherland" near the Museum Center "Peace Square", Krasnoyarsk , pl. Mira, 1. Many Krasnoyarsk residents do not like this art object, but for me it’s quite so. Any better than busts to strange figures.

Steamboat Museum "St. Nicholas"
Steamboat-museum "Saint Nicholas", Angara embankment, Strelka, Krasnoyarsk.

Steamboat Museum "St. Nicholas"
The ship was built in 1886 in Tyumen. Initially, the ship belonged to the famous Krasnoyarsk merchant A.M. Sibiryakov. He regularly ran between Krasnoyarsk and Minusinsk and was considered one of the fastest ships of that time, sailing in the Yenisei basin. In 1897, on this ship, V. I. Lenin proceeded to Shushensky exile. Due to this circumstance, in 1970, by the centennial of Ilyich, the ship was restored and a museum was opened in it.

Yenisei Gallery
Yenisei Gallery, Shopping and entertainment center. Krasnoyarsk , Dubrovinsky, 1g.

Monument to Victor Petrovich Astafiev
Monument to Victor Petrovich Astafyev, the great Russian writer. Krasnoyarsk , embankment of spit. Behind the monument is the Museum Square Peace Square.

Former paramedic school
Former paramedic school, Krasnoyarsk , ul. Karl Marx, 45. The building of 1906, an object of cultural heritage.

Art Museum. V.I. Surikova
Art Museum. V.I. Surikov (the house of Vera Nikolaevna Gadalova - the wife of the merchant of the first guild, philanthropist Pyotr Ivanovich Gadalov). Krasnoyarsk, st. Karl Marx, 36.

Former Savinykh mansion
Former Savinykh mansion, beginning of the 20th century. Krasnoyarsk , street of the Paris Commune, 13.

Pokrovsky Cathedral
Pokrovsky Cathedral is the oldest temple in Krasnoyarsk , 1795 (address: 26 Surikova street).

Fountain "St. Petersburg Bridge"
Красноярск . Fountain "St. Petersburg Bridge" in one of the squares on the street of the World, Krasnoyarsk . Heading "signs everywhere" :). I live in St. Petersburg.

Former noble assembly building
The former building of the Noble Assembly, Krasnoyarsk , Prospekt Mira, 67. The building was built in 1854 - 1858 according to the design of the Decembrist G. S. Baten'kov. Another amazing find is wooden classicism! I first met this in Vologda and was very surprised.

Former Merchant Club
Former Merchant Club (1908 - 1910), architect L. A. Chernyshev, Krasnoyarsk , Prospekt Mira, 71. Small-scale roof vases indicate the poor taste of customers and a lot of extra money :)

Pharmacy Society of Doctors
Pharmacy of the Society of Doctors (1899 - 1901), now - city pharmacy No. 1. Krasnoyarsk , Prospekt Mira, 75. A pleasant brick style with elements of the Neo-Russian style (turret).

Former Gymnasium
Former female gymnasium, now - KSPU (Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after V.P. Astafyev). Krasnoyarsk , Prospekt Mira, 83.

Revolution square
Revolution square
A swing was installed on the Revolution Square in Krasnoyarsk and this is a great idea!

Swing on Revolution Square

Apartment building Palkina
Tenement house Palkina, Krasnoyarsk , Red Square, 17. At present - Apparatus of the Civil Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Sculpture "Dragon"
It is difficult to say what Krasnoyarsk and the dragon have to do with it, but the children like it. It was very surprising that such palm trees in pots were installed throughout the center of Krasnoyarsk. Clear business for the winter they are being cleaned, Siberia is still not Sochi.

An excellent topic of modernity that I meet in many large cities is bookcrossing (book exchange). You can put unnecessary books in this cupboard and get interested people to read for free.

Mobile coffee shop
Another sign of the times is a mobile coffee shop. And in this case, the Largus converted, and a retro car (Renault van).

Krasnoyarsk is one of the best cities in Russia for landscaping, and I have never seen such a number of benches anywhere. Local authorities - well done!


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