Steamboat-Museum Saint Nicholas

Steamboat-museum Saint Nicholas photo - Krasnoyarsk
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Steamboat-Museum Saint Nicholas, Angara Embankment, Strelka, Krasnoyarsk.

Steamboat Museum Saint Nicholas
The steamboat was built in 1886in Tyumen. Initially, the ship belonged to the famous Krasnoyarsk merchant A. M. Sibiryakov. It regularly ran between Krasnoyarsk and Minusinsk and was considered one of the fastest ships of the time sailing in the Yenisei basin. 1897on this ship V.I. Lenin followed the Shushensky link. Due to this circumstance, in 1970, centenary of Ilyich, the ship was restored and a museum was opened in it.

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photo near Krasnoyarsk
  • Stone in honor of the founders of the fortress Krasniy Yar
  • Art object Motherland
  • Steamboat-Museum Saint Nicholas
  • Yenisei Gallery
  • Monument to Viktor Petrovich Astafyev

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