Cats of Russia! Part 2

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Beware of cats! photo - Unsorted
Beware of cats !

Start: Cotans of Russia!

I continued to collect a collection of woolen around the cities of Russia, living and sculptural. With travel for 2019, the replenishment is:


Playing tiger cubs

The amusing sculpture group “ Playing Tigers ” on Myasnitskaya Street, next to the house 40s4. Tiger cubs are called upon to draw the attention of citizens and guests of the capital to the problem of preserving the wildlife of Russia, in particular, the magnificent Amur tiger. Cast and mounted on donations from sponsors.


Decorative building "Cat on the Battery"
The decorative construction “Cat on Battery” was installed in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Perm energy system. In Samara, a similar sculpture, of course, is much funnier :)

Monument piggy bank to a homeless cat
Monument-piggy bank to a homeless cat in the Central Amusement Park. Maxim Gorky.

Florentine lion

The building of Permglavsnab OJSC
In front of the Permglavsnab OJSC building are the so-called "Florentine" lions. Such I come across in many cities of Russia.


Square Siberian cats
Square Siberian cats.

Muzzle of cats

Square Siberian cats

In the square are very funny lights.


and benches :)

Sculptures of cats
The square was founded in honor of the heroic Siberian kotans, which, by order of the Supreme High Command Headquarters, were assembled in Siberian cities and sent to echelons of Leningrad under siege to fight against Nazi rats. According to legend, Tyumen provided 238 woolen.


Cat Matroskin and dog Sharik
Sculpture Cat Matroskin and dog Sharik, Khabarovsk, Dynamo park.

Khabarovsk cat
Khabarovsk cat and tourists from China. Kisa looked at me in surprise - go not every day she is photographed.


Vladivostok cat
Vladivostok cat. I was tired of the road (I took trains from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok for more than a week), sat drinking Chinese beer, and kitty gnawed a dried fish. Division of labor!

Amur tiger bronze sculpture
Bronze sculpture of the Amur tiger.
The grinning sculpture of the Ussuri tiger stands near the Okean movie theater on 3 Naberezhnaya Street, at the foot of the Tigrovaya Sopka.

The authors are sculptors N.P. Montach and O.O. Kulesh, the sculpture was discovered in 1992.

Photo on the day of the Navy, when Vladivostok, like St. Petersburg, becomes striped.

Sculpture "Tigers"
The sculpture "Tigers" on the Sports Embankment of Vladivostok.

In the “birth certificate” of the cubs, “date and place of birth” - “September 27, 2013, Ussuri taiga” are indicated. The sculptural composition appeared on the initiative of the Amur branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

To return to Vladivostok, you need to rub the ears of the tigers. Of course I rubbed!

Vladivostok cat
Vladivostok cat.

Vladivostok kitty
Vladivostok kitty

Vladivostok kitty
Gnawing, of course, fish.

Vladivostok kitty
Vladivostok kitty

Vladivostok black kitty
Naval! Attributed to the Vladivostok Naval Officer Assembly.

Sculptural composition "Amur cubs"
Sculptural composition "Amur cubs".


Birobidzhan kitty
Birobidzhan kitty
Chinese cats have something wrong with genes and they are completely unclean. This one, apparently, has Chinese roots.

Birobidzhan cats
Birobidzhan cats. In Birobidzhan, I was surprised to see not only cats, but also people. What other traveler will come to Birobidzhan as a tourist.


Sculptural composition "Mowgli and Bagheera"
The sculptural composition “Mowgli and Bagheera” is strange :), the park of the “District House of Officers of the Russian Army”.

I excluded the sculpture " Yoshkin cat ", because actor Alexander Mikhailov is immortalized there, in the image of Vasya Kuzyakin from the film “Love and Pigeons”.

Sculpture "Hippo Cat"
Sculpture "Cat Hippopotamus", Chita, ODORA park. The cat sat on a bench in the park on June 10, 2013, the author of the sculpture is the Trans-Baikal sculptor Valery Bashirov. There is debate that this is a Pushkin cat scientist, the sculptor says that this is a collective image :)

Sculpture "Hippo Cat", the central alley of the park of the officers' house
The cat is very popular!


Monument to Irkutsk cat
Monument to Irkutsk cat
Caption: “Dedicated to all Irkutsk citizens and cats living in our city!

“Let's Go!” Financial Decision Bureau ”

Irkutsk, near the house number 11 on the street Gorky. The sculpture was installed on September 28, 2012. Architect: E. Faleychik.

Sculpture "Babr"
The sculpture "Babr" is a symbol of Irkutsk, the 130th quarter. Installed on October 4, 2012. Sculptor: N. Bakut, architect: O. Smirnova. This kitty needs to rub its claws in order to return to Irkutsk, which is what tourists do in the frame. I also rubbed!

Babr (lat. Felis Tigris) - the name of the Ussuri or Amur tiger in one of the Siberian languages.


Sculpture "Cats"
The sculpture "Cats" on the facade of the building of KSPU.

Sculpture "Cats"


Girl with cat
The sculpture "Girl with a Cat", Ufa, Yakutov Park.

Sculptural composition "The Final Touch"
The sculptural composition “The Final Touch” (on the pedestrian part of Moskovskaya Street).

This monument is dedicated to the jewelers of Penza. He has his own legend: if you look through the ring into the eye of a jeweler and make a wish, then rub the shoe - it will come true.

At the feet of a jeweler a funny cat :)

Architect: V. Kuznetsov; sculptor: G. Feoktistov.

Scientist cat
The sculpture " Cat Scientist ", Penza, Central Park of Culture and Rest. V. G. Belinsky.

Art object "First Cat's Bank"
Art object "The First Cat's Bank", Penza, near the house number 49 on Red Street.
Cat Mitka leaned on a crutch and begs for alms. The empty hat has a hole for coins that fall into the safe. Platinum collection for this year!

Sculptor: G. Feoktistov.

Monument with the main character of the cartoon "Kitten from Lizyukova Street"
Many people asked me: is there really such a street in Voronezh? Yes there is. Moreover, the street of General Lizyukova.

Kitten from the street Lizyukova
Actually, a monument to the legendary local cat was erected on this street several years ago.

Heroes of the cartoon "Kitten from Lizyukova Street"

In 2019, I dashed off almost 20 cities in Russia, but, unfortunately, cats are not found everywhere.


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