Russian cats!

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Riding on Russia I decided to collect photos cats and, an extensive collection has accumulated! It all started by chance, in Ufa (before that there were mostly sculptural lions Petersburg and suburbs).

Watch out, cats! Photo
Watch out for cats !

I'll start with the cats St. Petersburg:
St. Petersburg cat photo - Animals

Severe Petersburg`s cat
Severe St. Petersburg`s cat.

Bashkir cat photo - Animals
The same Ufa cat. Even a muzzle of some Bashkir :)

Novgorod cat photo - Animals
Severe kitty. Novgorod.

Ryzhik photo - Ryazan
Redhead. Ryazan.

Themselves with a mustache photo - Ryazan
Ryazan red cat controls entering the pet store "With a mustache."

Ryazan cat photo
Ryazan`s cat controls the schedule of buses and trolley buses.

Rybinsk`s cat photo - Animals

Myshkin`s cat photo - Animals
Kisa oversees the work of the ferry at Myshkin.

Suzdal`s cat photo - Animals


Girl and cat
Kitty check out not only me :)

Suzdal`s cat photo - Animals
Suzdal`s cat oversees the staff and visitors of the pub "Berloga".

Suzdal`s cat
Suzdal`s cat of the Zakharovs' guesthouse (where I stayed, I am very pleased with it!)

Suzdal`s cat photo - Animals
“And he is rushing, and not turning!” © k/f “Only some old men go into battle”. Suzdal and Ryazan were the richest in wool :)

And, of course, sculpted kitties!

Monument battery photo - Samara
Perhaps the warmest and lamp sculpture in Russia! Monument to the battery on the wall of the Samara State District Power Station, repeating the first batteries installed 150 years ago within the walls of the Samara Art Museum, while decorated in modern style.
Samara was generally very pleased, and there was such beauty as well.

Cat from Kazan photo - Kazan
The sculpture "The Kazan Cat" on Bauman Street, Kazan.
For merits to the Fatherland of Kazan cats brought in St. Petersburg by order of Catherine II.

Dispersed here photo - Petrozavodsk
Have driving here!
Petrozavodsk. I met such lions in other cities:

Lev photo - Smolensk
Smolensk, Blonnier Garden.

Owned (faceted) chamber
Novgorod Kremlin, the kitties guard the entrance to the Vladychnaya (faceted) chamber.

Park sculpture in Novgorod Detinets
Another kitty from the Novgorod Kremlin.

St. Petersburg and suburbs:
Muzzle of a lion photo - Details
Granite lion on the English Embankment.

Muzzle of a lion photo - Details
Lions at the Admiralty. Such a muzzle is pitiful ...

Lion Photos - Details

Sadness of the photo - Navy Day
And this stern :)

Leo Shi-Tsa photo - Details
Lev Shi-Tza - a gift from the governor of Girin (Manchuria Province) to the Amur Governor-General N. I. Grodekov. The latter in turn presented the lions to St. Petersburg.

Bowsprit photo - St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg
The bowsprit of one of the sham sailboats on Neva - Flying Dutchman restaurant. Every time I laugh with this kitty. As if the paws were pinched by a grand piano.

Peterhof Lions photo - Peterhof

One of the Peterhof Lions
A pair of granite lions, Peterhof.

Sculpture of a lion photo - Pavlovsk
Leo sculpture in Pavlovsk.

Cat scientist photo - Vladimir
Cat scientist. And right now the owl will get on the forehead :)
Vladimir, Georgievskaya Street.

Manor Shapulin-Sorokinyh photo - Yaroslavl
Lions guard the entrance to the territory of the Shapulin-Sorokins' estate. Yaroslavl, Bolshaya Oktyabrskaya St., 48 A.

Afonya, photo - Yaroslavl
Sculpture "Afonya", heading find a cat :) Yaroslavl, ul. Nahimson, 21a.

The assholes broke off the cat's foot ... Yaroslavl, a sculpture near the restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine.

Monument to the cat photo - Vologda
Monument to the cat ... Well, or the Tomb of the unknown cat :) Vologda.

Wooden cat
Wooden cat. Petrozavodsk again.

Cats photos - Myshkin
Cats. Myshkin. :)

Well, the diamond of my cat collection:
Sculpture Monter and the Cat photo - Veliky Novgorod

Sculpture Monter and the cat
Sculpture "Monter and the cat", Novgorod-on-Volkhov, near the building of the Polytechnic College NovSU, address: Bolshaya St. Petersburg street. 46.

Behind this all! According to their accounts in social networks (instagram, twitter, VK) started a hashtag of #котаныроссии (#russiancats), where I store woolen ones.


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