Genoese fortress in Sudak

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In Sudak there is especially nothing to look, except the tremendous Genoese fortress which have perfectly remained (unlike Theodosius or fortresses Chembalo in Balaklava, for example). Fortress was built by genoeses in XIV-XV centuries, as a strong point (there is an opinion that the fortress is much more senior also someone dates VII century and that fortification passed from hand to hand: Khazars —> Byzantines —> Polovtsians —> Golden Horde —> Genoeses—> Turks; ostensibly even III century, but acknowledgement isn't present).

Genoese fortress in Sudak, photo — Crimea

Reenactor at the gate of the bridgehead
At the gate of the bridgehead visitors meets strengthenings reenactor in a medieval armour. Interesting, in +40 it does not fry? This day on its happiness of the sun was not.

Fortress gate
Fortress gate, after bridge.

Souvenir stall with stylisation to fortification
Souvenir stall with sad stylisation to fortification.

Broken towers
Broken towers.

Water storage
Tank. A building for water storage in fortress.

Genoese fortress in the Sudak
Weather was sad, and photos sad too.

Numismatics museum
In a building of the former tank — a numismatics museum.


Souvenirs. Dzerzhinsky, Stalin, knights
Souvenirs. Dzerzhinsky, Stalin, knights. But the most popular person in Crimea — Putin! He is EVERYWHERE.

Heraldic tablet
Heraldic tablet in a tower wall. One of few surviving.

Attraction — shooting from onions
Attraction — shooting from onions.

 Tower Pasquale Giudice
Tower Pasquale Giudice.

Genoese fortress in the Sudak and ancient cannons
Genoese fortress in Sudak and ancient cannons. Cannons of XVI-XVII century, I think.

Geodesic sign
Suddenly — a geodesic sign.

And one more.


Armenian church
Armenian church.

Armenian church

Entrance doors of the Armenian church
Entrance doors of the Armenian church of unreal beauty. Not that that in Feodosia in church morons have put metal doors.

Museum in the Armenian church
In the Armenian church there is a small museum of the antiquities found at territory of fortress.

 Totem Putin
Totem Putin!

Stone сannonballs
Stone сannonballs.

Huge amphora
Huge amphora. To find such big antique amphora in integrity — huge good luck for the archeologist.

Fortress loophole
Fortress loophole.

Fortress loophole
Fortress loophole, a view of the sea.

From a mooring sails a ship with a piracy flag.

Sudak, coast of Black sea
Sudak, coast Black sea.

Nearby mountain
Nearby mountain.

Sudak and a fortification of the Genoese fortress of a photo — Crimea

Sudak and a fortification of the Genoese fortress.

View on Sudak from fortress top.

Door in a tower
Picturesque door in a tower. A consular tower — is better remained and accurately restored.

Electric case
Electric case. As it was necessary to be tired out to make such beauty for utilitarian appointment!

Internal gate in a tower
Internal gate in a tower. Restorers — good fellows so accurately to observe an epoch!

Sea, a mooring
Sea, a mooring. A view from one of towers.

In a tower
In the Consular tower.

Internal furniture of a serf tower

wer window, a view to the sea
Tower window, a view of the sea. Typical Italy.

Fortress fortification in the Sudak
Fortification leaving to the next top. For those times, the fortress was considered unapproachable, thanks to very successful geographical arrangement.

Mooring at a fortress and a steep rock under a tower
Mooring at a fortress and a steep rock under a tower. To the very top the ladder, unfortunately, has been closed, but also from this height — very scary! To fall highly.

Mooring at a fortress

Pass into fortification
Pass into fortification.

Genoese fortress in the Sudak

Fortress gate
Fortress gate. From this aperture, from a fortification, gate fell.

Drinking source in a wall
Drinking source in a wall, предмостное strengthening.

Cafe at a fortress
Round a fortress is in every possible way duplicated fortification and Middle Ages.

House on the Genoese fortress street
Nearby street bears a name «Genoese fortress». Cool decor of the private house.

Genoese fortress — the main sight of Sudak, and one of the famous sights of Crimea. It is recommended to visiting! Inside, except a numismatics museum there is still a museum actually fortresses. From interesting — there are held periodicity various military-historical festivals of knightly/medieval.


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