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Balaklava much more older than Sevastopol, but now is a city part, having lost independence. The basic sight — Genoese fortress Chembalo on a grief mountain Kastron.

Monument to Lesya Ukrainian
Monument to Lesya Ukrainian. Google is told that they is «great» Ukrainian writer-nationalist.

Balaklava same white and pleasant, as well as Sevastopol.

Boats and yachts at a mooring
Boats and yachts at a mooring. The bay is flooded by Balaklava every possible boats. Many local offer excursions on the sea or in underground base of submarines (Navy museum).

Boats at a mooring
The same as and in Kronstadt, as a protection/curbstone are ancient cannons.

Small houses on quay
Small houses on quay

Small houses on quay

Small street of Balaklava


Souvenir shops
Souvenir shops.

In souvenir benches are on sale various Soviet Army ammo — helmets, tablets and even sapper shovels! Such I see for the first time .

Small street of Balaklava
In this nice small house has settled down office under the account boats.

Account boats Balaklava is supervised by this cat.

Parking fine for boats
At boats, appears, too there are the parking fine.

Surprising round house
Surprising round house.

Genoese fortress Chembalo
Genoese fortress Chembalo.

Local natives
And here have got to the bottom of me local natives. Sigarettes will not be, you whence have arrived etc. Dialogue have come to the end peacefully: «will offend — told us!»

Box of protection yacht-club
Box of protection yacht-club. And benches — as in the centre Sevastopol! The Same fine.

Advertising of walks on boats
Walking boats World of Tanks (!) Boats! Tanks! I shout!

Box with the payment terminal
Box in patriotic yellow-blue colours and with the Greek ornament. In general, on to Crimea often comes across as a sine-yellow Ukrainian colouring (even trashes and toilets), and various Greek motives. In memory to Argonauts and Greek colonies.

Statue of the captain at cafe
Sea motives are especially favourite by owners of cafes in seaside Crimean cities.

 Tent with pictures
All tents on quay same and all with the Greek ornaments under a roof.

TatjaNin Addicts!

Walks across mountain Crimea
Crimea is not only the sea and beaches, but also the most beautiful mountains. You can climb with equipment or simply take a look, as this excursion on brutal UAZ.

Picked small fish me somehow has guarded Restaurant «Balaklava».

Stall of Sojuzpechat
Stall Sojuzpechat (Soviet Print)! To be stunned, I such did not see many years, everywhere in Russia are Rospechat (Russian Print) or others.

Anchors in Sevastopol and Balaklava everywere.



Arms of Sevastopol on a column
Arms of Sevastopol on a column, from recently last City Day.

Pillbox on a slope
Pillbox on a slope see?

Pillbox on a slope
Here it!

Artefact of the Ukrainian board
Artefact of the Ukrainian board.

Round house
One more round house! Appointment is not known to me, but I assume that this structure industrial, instead of inhabited was primary.

Houses, a mountain slope

Flag and the arms of Russia
Flags of Russia it is absolute everywere in Crimea. This hangs either since 9th of May or from the Sevastopol City Day.

vergrown small house
Overgrown small house.


Monument to Rubtsov
Monument Rubtsov

Monument to Rubtsov

Monument to heroes of defence of Balaklava
Monument to heroes of defence Balaklava in Second World War.

Bus stop
Unreal beauty a bus stop. In all Crimea astounding stops. And the main thing — all different!

Cats and pigeons
Fat Balaklava's cats and desperate naval pigeons.

Memorable sign

Fortification part
Fortification part (likely). The Genoese fortress is on other party of a bay. It can a part any fortification of the same centuries.

Boundary boat
Boundary boat of strange white colouring. On collars any arms (Ukrainian likely) are painted over.

Balaklava bay
Balaklava bay, fisherman.

Memorable sign
Any handicraft creativity.

nderground base of submarines, the scheme
I have incorrectly planned time and at first слазил on a fortress, and in underground base of submarines was not in time any more. At first I have not understood how much grandiose construction (in a rock some kilometres with an exit in the sea from the mountain opposite side are dug).

Entrance in underground base of submarines
Entrance in underground base of submarines.

Entrance in underground base of submarines.

krainian sign «prohibited zone»
Ukrainian sign «forbidden zone».

Yacht-club «Мрiя»
By me grandmothers stamped, is obvious too tourists, and loudly were indignant that already almost one and a half year has passed but inscriptions till now in an Ukrainian.

Filling station for boats
Floating refuelling station.

ay, fishermen and view to fortress
Quay, fishermen and view to fortress.

Panorama of the Balaklava bay and Balaklava
Panorama of the Balaklava bay and town Balaklava.

House on a grief
On a grief was sheltered any cottage.


Railway rests
Railway rests.

I was curtailed and has gone back to Sevastopol.


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