Crimea. Sudak, Koktebel, nature

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So, Sudak, Koktebel, the nature.

The road from Feodosia to Sudak has appeared the extremely picturesque. As, actually, wonderful landscapes on all peninsula.

Crimean rocks

Crimean rocks

Crimean rocks

 Tablet on a tree «In forest don't spoil, penalty»
Tablet on a tree «In wood not to spoil, the penalty 50 грн». Artefact still Ukrainian Crimea.

Benches between trees
Nearby, between trees, are made benches. On a slope more low some horizontal platforms with traces for tents.

Crimean rocks

Crimean rocks

Crimean rocks

Sooner or later, came to Sudak.

Streets Ashik Umer
very much neighed.

Entrance in shop
Entrance in food shop with a mysterious inscription over a door: «build goods».

ay in Sudak
Near quay has unexpectedly turned up a dining room with low prices and smart view of the sea.

Piracy cafe
Over a dining room — piracy cafe.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp. Suddenly.

Johnny Depp

Ladder in dining room, it is simple and with taste a handrail is made of anchor chains.

Anchor chains
Bit senseless composition, but looks not bad.

Beach in Sudak
On the first of June water was cold, tourists more few.

Black sea
Weather this day somehow not strongly pleased by the sun. Fortress is looked through badly, but it there is:)

Bowsprit of a sailing vessel
Cafe piracy, and stylisation — like sailing vessel.

ay in Sudak


raffic lights
Very abrupt traffic lights.

Delphinariums in Crimea came across often, at each city. So, having a rest with children will where descend.

Futuristic building
Absolutely futuristic building, miracles.

Crimean rocks
Picturesque rocky tooth towering on forest. Though the sun has started to look through! Photo is hardly more cheerful.

Hotel in forest
In the distance, in forest, was sheltered neo-Gothic hotel.

Firm shop «Wines of the Solar Valley»
And the stop has been planned for the sake of casually turned up firm shop «Wines of the Solar Valley».

Crimean landscape

Monument to warriors of the Sudak landing
Near to a little shop was found out tremendous appeal a modest monument to warriors of the Sudaksky landing.

Firm shop «Wines of the Solar Valley»

Crimean rocks

Fluffy plant

Roads from Feodosia to Sudak have appeared excellent (better than from Kerch to Feodosia — hole on a hole).

Crimean rocks

Platform in a rock
One of these rocks is hardly closer. The platform in a rock as though arises there to put tent. Views therefrom should be smart.

Crimean rocks

Crimean rocks

Crimean rocks

Constructivist umbrellas
Has casually stumbled about unreal constructivist umbrellas.

Food shop
Pleasant food shop, beauty.

Weaved signboard
Weaved (!) signboard! Never such saw.

Last point of the cultural program this day became Koktebel. There is especially nothing to look, tasty antiquities are not present. A panel here interesting, yes.

Signboard: «Pizza from octopus (!)»
Signboard: «Pizza from octopus (!)»

Panel on the house
One more attractive panel on absolutely ugly house.


ay in Koktebel
As in all Crimean coastal cities, quay — city centre and the purest, accurate and arranged well place.

Beach in Koktebel
Beach in Koktebel not sandy, and with a pebble.

Monument to glider pilots
Monument to glider pilots. On Klementyev's grief, near Koktebel, the copy of glider А-13 is established. The first gliders were tested here. Co-ordinates: 44°59'58 "N 35°16'15" E.

Mosque with minaret

To be continue.


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