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Fort Pospelova photo - Vladivostok Fortress
On Russky Island, among other defensive structures of the Vladivostok fortress, is Pospelova Fort on the mountain of the same name (167 meters above sea level) on the Saperny Peninsula.

Defensive ditch

Defensive moat. At the bottom of the natural moat there is an artificial moat with water. The photograph does not convey what kind of bias, but I can say that I did not dare to go down - I was afraid for the camera.

Part of some defensive structure
Part of some kind of defensive structure on the way to the fort.

Ajax bay view from Pospelova Mountain
View of Ajax bay from Pospelova Mountain.

Stairs to the fort
Staircase to the fort.

Fort Pospelova

Fort Pospelova
The author of the detailed project and the builder of the fort is military engineer Captain Gnuchev.

Fort Pospelova
It was built in 19011903, was completed in 1904 .

Fort Pospelova
The fort was designed for ten 9-pound (107-mm) guns and two machine guns on the fortress machines. In addition, two 9-pound guns were embedded in the embrasures of the wardrobe trunk.

Fort Pospelova
The fortification is a slightly distorted rhombus, being the only example of the type of “fort of Buinitsky” on about. Russian.

Fort Pospelova, icon case for icon

Kyoto for the icon and construction date of the fort.

Fort Pospelova

Fort Pospelova
Powder cellar (ammunition depot).

Fort Pospelova
Do you see a gopher?

Fort Pospelova
But he is! The turret of a rangefinder post.

The village of Pospelovo
The village of Pospelovo.

Ajax Bay
Ajax Bay, in the distance - Skrypleva Island.

Panorama of Russian island photo - Russian island

Panorama of Russky Island and Ajax Bay from Pospelova Mountain.

It is a pity I did not know about the megalithic labyrinth nearby - I would definitely have turned it up (I only saw this once - on the Solovetsky Islands ).

You can get by bus from Vladivostok to DFU (Far Eastern Federal University) and walk about 5 kilometers. Coordinates: 43°2'58"N 131°52'53"E.


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