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The zoo La Vanille was next point of our program. On the way to it on roads there are indexes with ridiculous crocodiles, but indexes hardly noticeable, it is necessary to be attentive (in general on to Mauritius a trouble with guide signs — them a little and they are imperceptible and unreadable).

On an entrance in a zoo there is a tractor (!).

ractor Fordzon

Index before an input in a zoo
Index before an entrance in zoo.

Huge fossil cockleshell
Huge fossil cockleshell.

Entrance in a little shop
Entrance in a little shop. The prices there bite, but a choice of any souvenirs the huge. Well also it is possible to buy any products from crocodile skin (bags, purses etc.)

Nile crocodile
Nile crocodile. This reptile at length some metres!

Little shop
Little shop. Amusing drawed crocodiles meet everywere in zoo.

Zoo plan
Zoo plan. Turtles — to the right, crocodiles — on the left.

Flying fox
First that to us has met — fFlying fox. Such amusing small animal! All of us were delighted from this shaggy mouse. Somehow all thought that bats terrible as atomic warfare.

Index to turtles
Way index to turtles where we also have gone.

Huge turtle
Huge turtle with our small talisman — a plush hedgehog with whom photosession has been arranged.

Huge turtle

Huge turtle
On an armour of each turtle the serial number is drawn.

Huge turtles
Glade with huge turtles. Them here some tens!

Huge sea turtle
Huge sea turtle.

Way index to deer
Way index to deer, we go further.

Actually — deer.

Plush hedgehog
Suddenly — a plush hedgehog!

Bamboo grove
Bamboo grove

Bamboo grove
Below a darkness pitch, and the height of trees impresses.

Index: on a bamboo not to draw
Index: on a bamboo not to draw. I still would add: FREAKS.

Life of a crocodile of Spana
Short history of life of a crocodile of Spana: 60 years old, has got to a zoo at the age of 12 years.

Monkeys, photo — Mauritius

pen-air cage of monkeys
At monkeys abruptly — the whole temple built.

Having got a bit tired we have gone to the restaurant with amusing name «Hungry crocodile», which in the middle of zoo.

Restaurant the «Hungry crocodile»

ablet WiFi
From all indexes on a zoo this is the most abrupt!

Restaurant menu
In the restaurant menu too amusing drawed crocodiles. And on a background together with us — a hedgehog.

Around — jungle and flying birds. Full effect of presence. The blessing — monkeys do not take away meal. Yes, at restaurant it is possible to try crocodile meat (on taste it similar like a hen).

Mauritian sparrow
Mauritian sparrow. Bright, an infection, in all pictures it was greased.

Ancient steam locomotive
the Ancient steam locomotive. I have not glanced something in a cabin... Missed chance.


Zoo La Vanille
On a zoo surprising vegetation continually, even simply to go interesting.

Small crocodiles

Small crocodiles
Growing up small crocodiles.

Boars terribly positive. But from us nobody has dared to give a hand to stroke.

Museum of fossil antiquities

Museum of fossil antiquities

Museum of fossil antiquities
Museum of fossil antiquities in zoo territory. Bowls have, of course, impressed.

Mongoose ran backwards-forward and with such wild speed what to catch it in a shot is almost unreal.

Before an entrance it is possible to be photographed with small crocodile
Before an entrance it is possible to be photographed with small crocodile which mouth the elastic band is put on. Maxillary muscles work for crocodiles on compression, and with the monstrous force, easily breaking any bones. And on a muscle release weak, the elastic band is quite capable to keep jaws. By the way workers told, that impossible to photograph (only for money).


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