House of merchant A. G. Morozov

House of merchant A. G. Morozov photo - Barnaul
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House of merchant A. G. Morozov, Barnaul, Lev Tolstoy Street, 38.

Heat of the first guild Andrei G. Morozov was a famous person in Barnaul, one of the richest people in the city. He founded the A.G. Morozov with Sons trading house, whose branches worked both in Barnaul and in other cities of the region - in Biysk, Kamen, Kuznetsk, Shelabolikh, Ust-Charyshskaya Pristan. Morozovskie shops traded in any goods: clothing, footwear, fabrics, crockery, hardware ed Liami, wine, grain, agricultural machinery. In 1914, his company won first place in Barnaul in terms of trade turnover. The merchant’s sons didn’t complain about the lack of money either. "Mikhail, he even bought the first car in the city. The Morozovs were actively involved in charity, allocated money for the needs of education, were respected people in society. And Andrei Morozov himself and his son Mikhail were elected public duma of the city council."

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Barnaul — center of Altay region, founded in 1730 year.



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