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The final note about the trip to Vologda, not included sights here are laid out separately in the notes: monuments and sculptures of Vologda, churches and temples of Vologda.

Vologda railway station
Vologda Railway Station and the “I love Vologda” sign.

Railway pumping station

Railway pumping station (beginning of XX century). Today, the building is occupied by Gorvodokanal.

Address: Vologda, Soviet Avenue, 39.

Pier of the river shipping company
Passenger marina of the river shipping. Built in the 1926 year. Fantastic beauty of the building, even in ruined form.

Sovetsky Ave., 45.

Building of the former Sukhon River Shipping Company
The building of the former Sukhon River Shipping Company, now - Rostelecom. For some reason neighing from the globe under the roof. What is it?

Zosimovskaya St., 28

Vologda Drama Theater
Vologda State Drama Theater, Sovetsky Avenue, 1. Architects E. M. Landau, I. A. Mikhalev, Yu. P. Fedotov, engineer M. P. Makhin. The new building is open December 28 1974 of the year, to the 125th anniversary of the theater.
Vologda Drama Theater is considered one of the oldest theaters in Russia, founded November 1 1849 of the year.

 The fountain in front of the Vologda Drama Theater
The fountain in front of the Vologda Dramatic Theater is either already turned off or stupidly not functioning. For some reason, I thought that the second.

Former building of the hotel Golden Anchor
The former building of the Golden Anchor Hotel, built in 1868 - 1875, the merchants Bryzgalovs. For a long time, the tallest building in Vologda.
Nowadays the hotel and offices.

Vologda, Sovetsky prospect, 6.

The ballot boxes on the roof are very funny :) I imagine how merchants-customers carried the brain to the architect.

Pushkinskaya street
On the left - Vologda Regional State Philharmonic Society (the former building of the nobility meeting, Lermontov str., 21), on the right - the Anglier Hotel, is considered the most expensive in Vologda (Lermontov str., 23).

Revolution Square
Revolution Square.

Former Passage Hotel
Former Passage Hotel, Vologda, Maria Ulyanova Street, 2. The building was built in 1908 year, now in a ruined state, is being restored.

Former hotel Passage, Vologda

House Sveshnikov

Sveshnikov’s House (early XIX century), Vologda, Lenin Street, 2. Now it is one of the buildings of the city administration.

Leningradsky shopping center
Leningradsky shopping center, Vologda, ul. Mira, 3. Trading rows on this place have existed since the beginning of the XIX century (shopping rows of Gostinodvorskaya Square).

Gostiny Dvor
Gostiny Dvor, architect - P. T. Bortnikov, the end of the XVIII century (Vologda, Mira Street, 5). The people - "Towers and shops at the Stone Bridge."

Former hotel Europe
The former Hotel Europe, Vologda, ul. Mira, 9.
The architect is Peter Timofeevich Bortnikov (he is the author of Gostiny Dvor).

Restaurant O`City. Gorgeous local ostebali/beat Vologda`s preverb :)

Vologda, Victory Avenue, 10.

Zaitsev House
Zaitsev House is one of the few buildings in Vologda in the modern style. Victory Avenue, 25.

House of Zaitsev

Trading area
Commercial space and water tower (the very first in Vologda, built in 1898 year, and a year later the water pipe was put into operation).

Water Tower
The Water Tower is one of the symbols of Vologda. Well, she's really beautiful! I love this promarch.

Dining room
The sign of the dining room on the square near the station (Babushkina Square) was miraculously preserved from the Soviet times (as well as the dining room). By the way, the prices are not just affordable, but ridiculous! You can meet 100 rubles.

Lenin`s Bust
And in this dining room is Lenin`s bust! Suddenly.

Post-war building along Zosimovskaya Street
Post-war building with a turret along Zosimovskaya Street (1952 year).

Shop Edison
Torn :) Morons illiterate: D

There is an unusual solution to the entrance and columns. Flying engineering.

Bus stop
The bus stop is very competent - closed on three sides.

Bus stop
One of the most confused options for a bus stop is with one wall. The width of the sidewalk allows you to make 3 walls.

JSC Vologdastroy
OJSC "Vologdastroy" was housed in a posh mansion in the area of ​​historical buildings. In comparison, a similar office in Barnaul in the historical center otrohalo itself building glass, shit and concrete.

Square at the house of Peter I
Square at House of Peter I.

Mchsniki could not draw their emblem exactly :)

New building on Predtechenskaya street
New building on Predtechenskaya street. Well, at least the number of floors observed - well done!

Flowerbed in the Children's Park
Flowerbed in the Children's Park.

Merchant mansion
Merchant mansion on Kamenny Most Street, 6.

 Overgrown floodplain of the Sodima River
Overgrown floodplain of the Sodima River.

Demolished some antiquity
Demolished some antiquity ...

  Tourist signs
Tourist signs are excellent. But they are very few. Well, the tourist business itself has been popiaril.

No, I will not guess the domain address :)

Signs of the times - a bicycle dug in near the bike. Even a joke of modernity, that if you leave a bicycle in Moscow, then at best it will be knocked down, and at worst, they will color and open a coffee shop.

 The entrance to the dining room of VolSU
The entrance to the dining room of VolSU is very collective and funny.

Dining room in the VolSU

Graffiti on the wall
Graffiti on the wall on the church theme, which I was very surprised.

House of the XVIII century
House of the XVIII century, st. Sergey Orlov, 9. According to intelligence, the house was actually rebuilt recently - several years ago not even all the walls were intact.

Souvenir trade in front of the Kremlin
Souvenir trade in front of the Kremlin

Souvenir trade in front of the Kremlin
There was a funny moment, the bus stops, a crowd of tourists falls out of it, and a passing boy asks his father what kind of bus is this.
- Tourists. Imagine, people come to us to see Vologda!

Wooden pavement
Right next to the Kremlin, I never expected to meet a wooden pavement.

Vologda River
Vologda River.

Imitation of a bridge
Imitation of a bridge along a cascade of two ponds.

Cascade of two ponds
Cascade of two ponds.

Vologda Street

Well, by summer, it looked more cheerful :)

 Telephone booth
Telephone booth for dystrophies. Wasn’t destiny repeated in the right proportions? It looks funny.

Restaurant "Hearty Cat" :) well, clean I, yes

Lace Museum (formerly Gosbank)
Lace Museum (formerly Gosbank, and before the revolution - the state provincial bank). Vologda forsyat two of the most popular themes - Vologda lace and palisade.

In general, there were pleasant impressions of Vologda. Broken pavements finished, but old and all nishtyakov in the form of sculptures and monuments in Vologda is enough.


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