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Privokzalnaya Square
Privokzalnaya Square prepares guests for the upcoming hardcore in advance.

Privokzalnaya Square and the sign “I love Vologda”
Privokzalnaya Square and the sign “I love Vologda”.

Vologda I was struck by absolutely killed sidewalks, and the roads are not a fountain. I did not see such anarchy in any city of Russia.

Typical Vologda sidewalk
In Vologda, it’s probably fun to skate on rollers :) Yes, and heels to walk too.

Alley on Victory Boulevard

Alley on Victory Boulevard with gorgeous landscaped flower beds, excellent benches and killed asphalt (as well as throughout the rest of the city on the sidewalks).

Alley along Victory Boulevard

Nason-city is a historical part of Vologda with Vologda Kremlin. In the distance - the bell tower of St. Sophia Cathedral.

Wooden mill
The wooden mill in the park on the Cathedral Hill of the children is wildly popular :) The art object "Wishing Mill". Quite a cool idea.

Notice how the plates are exquisitely laid out! Be sure to save as a monument of Tajik architecture and urban planning.

Drinking column
Such columns help me out in all the cities, where I stumble upon them - even to wash my face after many kilometers of forced marches.

Drinking column

October Square
And here on the roller fire to drive! Vologda, October Square.

 Typical Vologda sidewalk
Typical Vologda sidewalk :)

 Typical Vologda sidewalk

 Typical Vologda yard in the center
Typical Vologda yard in the center.

About the pavement and the tree

Pavement and fence
Pavement and fence. True, this is almost ebony of Vologda, although literally 4 blocks from the Kremlin.

Entry into the territory of the temples

Proletarian Street
With signs, everything is fine, with markings and curbs on the sides of the road - somehow not very. But the roads are better than sidewalks.

Street along Oktyabrsky Square (the very center of Vologda). How is that?

Well, in the catch-up game from the related topics of urban improvement:

Bench at the House of Peter I porno both aesthetically and stupidly as a bench. Such people sincerely amaze me in all the cities of Russia.

Embankment of the Vologda River
Embankment of the Vologda River with crooked/oblique tiny lanterns.

Vologda State University
Vologda State University with such a funny kolkhoz portico :) Well, a little shabby.

View of the Vologda River
The embankment killed me on the spot, that there are no fences. It remains to put a sign on Ai-PetriFall High ".

Graffiti on the kiosk

Graffiti on the kiosk.

Graffiti at the entrance to the bomb shelter (?) The graffiti itself is pleasant, it is not clear the purpose of these buildings, they are clearly superfluous in the square on the Cathedral Hill.

Especially delivered the first and last window.

In my ranking of cities with murdered infrastructure, Vologda quickly became a leader, overtaking even Ufa and Voronezh (although the latter is corrected and the city becomes more and more comfortable).


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