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Severobaykalsk is a city in the north of Lake Baikal, the city owes its appearance to the construction of the BAM and is an important railway junction. First settlers -Komsomol members arrived July 23 1974 and founded a labor camp consisting of tents and railway wagons. The city received the status in 1980.

Severobaikalsk Station
Station of the Severobaykalsk railway station. On the right is a monument to the builders of Severobaykalsk.

First house in Severobaykalsk

The first house of Severobaykalsk, built by Leningrad builders, October 1979(as indicated on the sign on the building). Leningradsky prospect, 4. Seismic activity in these places is up to 9 points, so the houses were specially designed in Leningrad and are two houses with broken shapes, the courtyard is closed from the winds.

ypical five-story b
Typical five-story building.

Monument to the builders of BAM
Monument to the builders of BAM, V. Bodrov Square (near the Zheleznodorozhnik Palace of Culture).

City Administration
City Administration. It’s a very dull “scoop.”

V. A. Bodrov Square
V. A. Bodrov Square.

Monument of Military Glory
Monument of Military Gloryin the park of culture and rest Severobaikalsk.

BMP and 76 mm gun
BMP and 76 mm gun.

Street of the World
Street of the World along the recreation park is not bad lagoustroena. For such a town.

Path through the forest
Path through the forest. I was too lazy to go to the overhead passage and I decided to cut it.

Panorama of Lake Baikal

Panorama of Lake Baikal.

bservation Deck
Observation Deck. And the views from there are wonderful!

Stairs to the city beach
Stairs to the city beach.

Baikal shore
Baikal shore.

City beach
City beach

City beach, Severobaikalsk


Baikalis beautiful! And I was lucky with the weather.

Elevated pedestrian crossing
Elevated pedestrian crossingways, the direct road through the forest leads to Lake Baikal.

Forged wallet
Forged walletwith a sign : "The path to wealth through creation." Severobaykalsk, on the wall of the Shopping Center (Leningradsky prospekt, 8).

In the market, most products are related to fishing and tourism. The most promising areas. You can even buy a boat on the market.

Amazing "space" stall, I saw this only once in Sevastopol.

Ways at the railway depot
Ways at the railway depot.

Rare bus
A rare bus, I haven’t seen these for a long time.

The city is small both in size and population - in total 20 thousand. The second largest city in Buryatia after Ulan-Ude, an interesting fact is that in the early 90s a petition was signed to secede from Buryatia and join the Irkutsk region, with which the city has more trade relations. If tourism to Baikal will be more actively developed, then the city has excellent prospects in terms of tourism. Again, active work is underway to expand the BAM and the flow by rail will increase in the coming years.


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