Crimea, Yalta

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Day was long, Ai-Petri, the Vorontsovsky palace and in Yalta has got already towards evening, a few photo.

Girl on велоавтомобиле

Boy on a kick scooter — Crimea


In a suit of a chipmunk
In resort cities Crimea on quays walk such mummers, suggest to photographed with them. By the way here so it is dangerous to photograph — money for a picture (roubles 500) can get.

Advertising signboards
In Yalta, as well as on all Crimea, full anarchy with advertising (strive to close up all facade) and without fail on balconies of historical buildings do hen houses.

City Council
City Council.

Memorial plate and a photo of the veteran
Memorial plate and a photo of the veteran. For the first time such I see.

Monument to Lenin
Monument to Lenin.

Pirate sells the yacht.

Pirate at an entrance in cafe
And one more pirate.

Atlant and caryatids
Atlant and caryatid hold a chain.

 Quay of Yalta

 Quay of Yalta

 Quay of Yalta

Restaurant-ship of Argonauts
Restaurant-ship of Argonauts.

Statues of mister and young lady in XIX-th century dresses

Spherical dog in vacuum
Spherical dog in vacuum.

Artefacts of the Ukrainian Crimea
On peninsula often come across Ukrainian artefacts Crimea.

Monument to Julian Semyonov
Monument to Julian Semyonov.

Petersburgian Smart
Petersburgian Smart. Suddenly.

Sidewalk artist
Sidewalk artist.


Gate with the movie camera image
Yalta film studio.

Amphorae with illumination
Amphorae with illumination.


ned car
Full toned car. In Russia, this is forbidden.

X.O.ttabych (!)

Girls advertised something (sweet or cosmetics).

 Trolley bus
In Yalta fine ancient trolley buses.

Intoxicated Lavka
«Intoxicated Lavka». Addicts!

Yalta — the most known and most popular resort in Crimea. A unique city on peninsula with a live and prospering infrastructure (in other cities ukrainians destroy everything that has got to them after the Union). This city rich is visible on expensive cars and magnificent country houses. And at the prices. I wrote that prices in Crimea ridiculous. But here, in Yalta, and in the centre Sevastopol the prices quite even in Moscow.


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