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Avant-garde modern sculpture "Bison", Ryazan, the intersection of Vokzalnaya Street and Pervomaisky Prospect.

Monument to General Margelov

Where, if not in Ryazan, should there be a monument to General of the Army Margelov ! Troops Uncle Vasya zhezh.

Memorial to Ryazan who fell in local conflicts
Memorial to Ryazan who fell in local conflicts.

 Obelisk to the Soviet-Polish Brotherhood in Arms
Obelisk to the Soviet-Polish Brotherhood in Arms

Monument to the Ryazan Fire
Monument to the Ryazan firefighters near the fire station number 1. GAZ-AA on the move, occasionally leaves for city events.

 The fireman on the tower
A fireman dummy is on duty at the tower. I saw them in St. Petersburg and Omsk .

Cannons and equipment in front of the Airborne Museum
Guns and equipment in front of the Museum of the Airborne Forces of the Russian Federation.
Divisional gun ZiS-3, anti-tank gun SD-57, anti-aircraft installation ZU-23, airborne combat vehicle BMD-2, BMD-1.

Tools and equipment in front of the Airborne Museum
ASU-57 (anti-aircraft airborne installation), SU-85, M-30 howitzer, ZiS-2 gun and another ZiS-3.
The entrance to the museum is fire! Such terry classicism !

Fountain Elks
Fountain "Elks", Ryazan, Lybedsky Boulevard.

Oleg Popov
Oleg Popov with a dog, funny sculpture near the Ryazan circus on Lybedsky Boulevard.

Circus elephants
Of course, there are "Circus Elephants".

Bear on a scooter
And "The Bear on the Scooter " :) Well done, that they stitched such animal sculptures on a circus theme.

Shurik and Lidochka
Monument to Shurik and Lidochka from the film “Operation Y”.
Shurik and Lida are sitting on a bench and preparing for exams. Sit down next!

Shurik and Lida
Student with students Shurik and Lida :)

Address: Ryazan, near the main building of the Ryazan State University, pl. Liberty, 46.

Mushrooms with eyes
The “Mushrooms with Eyes” sculpture, the authors are the spouses Vasily and Polina Gorbunov, the embodiment of the saying “And in Ryazan we have mushrooms with eyes. They eat, they look”. Why in Ryazan mushrooms with eyes? There is a version that during the Tatar-Mongol invasion, Russian warriors on trampled mushrooms learned about enemy reconnaissance. Platinum from all trips, I adore such sculptures.

The sculpture was installed in the Lower City Garden (Drunk Park) on August 2, 2013, a gift to the city from the Strazh company. It's very cool that the sculpture is also functional - a circular bench.

Monument to Pavlov

Monument to Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, in the background the State Concert Hall. S. Yesenina and the tusovka of students on the 1st of September.

Piggy bank
Funny sculpture "pig piggy" with a five-kopek coin on the patch, is located near the building Prio-Vneshtorgbank, Ryazan, st. Yesenin, 82.

Judging by the rubbed tail, there is some local sign :)

Memorial "Bell" at the military cemetery, Walk of Fame, Ryazan, Memorial Park.

Eternal flame
Eternal Flame on the Walk of Fame. Yes, it did not seem to you - it is turned off, which is absolutely correct. The eternal flame should be left alone in Moscow .

Walk of Fame
Walk of Fame in Memorial Park.

The Elephant Fountain
The sculpture "Elephant". Likely, when the lanterns were whole and there was a fountain, it was cool here. And now like this .. And the funny thing is that he is in front of the housing maintenance department No. 18 (Address: Ryazan, Kuibyshevskoe shosse, 9).

Monument to Oleg Ryazansky
Monument to Oleg Ryazansky on Cathedral Square, Ryazan . It was established on October 28, 2007 on the day of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Ryazan Region.
Sculptor Z. K. Tsereteli. Suddenly.

Monument to Oleg Ryazansky
Monument to Oleg Ryazansky on Cathedral Square.

Chapel in honor of the 900th anniversary of Ryazan
The chapel in honor of the 900th anniversary of Ryazan, established in 1995 . In the foreground - forged "bench of reconciliation."

Lenin monument
Monument to Lenin in the park on Lenin Square, the intersection of the Cathedral and Gorky ( Ryazan ).

Pushkin Monument photo - Ryazan
Pushkin monument in the park of the Palace of Creativity.

Girl on the bench
The sculpture "The girl on the bench, " reads the tablet. Ryazan, Münster Street, 2.

The Double decker Leyland brand bus of the end of the 60s.

Mouse and cheese
Funny sculpture " Mouse and Cheese ", Ryazan, near the hotel-restaurant complex "Old Town".

Art object Balloon
In 1731, the clerk of Kryakutnaya allegedly made the first balloon flight in history, to which the composition is dedicated.
Upper City Park (Natashin Park), Ryazan .

Monument M. A. Ulyanova and Volodya Ulyanov
Monument M. A. Ulyanova and Volodya Ulyanov .
Upper City Park (Natashin Park), Ryazan .

Monument to Evpaty Kolovrat
Monument to Evpaty Kolovrat, the Ryazan boyar, the voivode and the legendary Russian hero, the hero of the 13th century Ryazan folk tale. Years of life around 1200–1238.

Opened October 18, 2007 . The author - sculptor Oleg Sedov.

The sculpture has already become one of the symbols of Ryazan.

Monument to Sergius of Radonezh
Monument to Sergius of Radonezh, Cathedral Park, Ryazan .

Mermaid some addict :)

Sculptures on Lybedsky Boulevard
The sculptures on Lybedsky Boulevard are strange :)

Bust to Saltykov-Shchedrin
Bust Saltykov-Shchedrin .

Cockerel as a symbol of Ryazan lollipops
Cockerel as a symbol of Ryazan lollipops.

Cock and Bench
"Ryazan - the birthplace of sugar candy" - reads the inscription.

Art object chair
The art object is the chair of the Ryazan director Erast Garin.

Ryazan was very pleased with the monuments and sculptures, especially, of course, Shurik and Lida and epic Mushrooms with eyes.


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