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Monument to the Car-Worker
Monument to the “Automobile Worker”, Chita, on the territory of the Trans-Baikal Railway depot, Kirpichno-Zavodskaya Street. GAZ-63 is installed on the pedestal, the monument was unveiled on October 27, 2005 (Motorist Day).

Sculptural compositions “Globe” and steam engine

Sculptural compositions “Globe” and a steam engine near the Trans-Baikal Institute of Railway Transport (ZabIZhT), Chita, 11 Magistralnaya Street.

Steam engine monument to the railroad workers of Transbaikalia
Steam locomotive-monument to the railway workers of Transbaikalia for their contribution to the Victory. The steam locomotive of the Еа (Еа-2233) series was installed on September 2, 2010 near the ZabIZhT.

Lenin monument
Monument to Lenin in the park near the Palace of Culture of Railway Workers, originally stood on Lenin Square, but because the scale does not correspond to the size of the area, was moved. Beer bottles are lying around the pedestal - someone had a good cultural rest at night.

Lenin monument
Monument to Lenin near the Trans-Baikal Transport College (Vocational School No. 1), Chita, Karl Marx Street, 21.

Sculpture "Deer"
Sculpture "Deer"
Well, like a deer... There is 1 left and he is beheaded. Chita, Park of Culture and Rest of Railway Workers "Collective Labor".

Sculpture "Elk"
The sculpture "Moose", Chita, the central park of culture and recreation of railway workers "Collective Labor".

Sculpture "Girl with a Handbag"
The sculpture "Girl with a Handbag", the garden "Collective Labor".

Locomobile monument P-75
Locomotive-monument P-75 produced by the Lyudinovsky plant, exposition of the railway transport museum of Chita-1 station. Produced for the needs of the national economy from 1932 to 1960.

Locomotive TE3
Diesel locomotive TE3 produced by Kharkov Transport Engineering Plant (built in 1953 ). Behind it is a sectional locomotive.

Separate note: Museum of railway equipment in the depot of Chita-1 station (15 photos ).

Monument to the fighters for Soviet power in Transbaikalia

Monument to the fighters for Soviet power in Transbaikalia, Chita, the area of ​​the October Revolution.

Sculpture "Musician"
Sculpture "Musician", Chita, next to the Megapolis Youth Palace.

Lenin gymnasium student
Lenin is a gymnasium student.
Monument to gymnasium student Vladimir Ulyanov, Chita, near the Trans-Baikal State University (125 Babushkina Street).

Sculpture "Pharaoh"
The sculpture "Pharaoh".
It’s hard to say what Pharaoh and Chita have to do with it, but oh well. The quarter “Partnership of the Polutov brothers”, the intersection of Tchaikovsky and Butin streets.

Lenin Square
Lenin Square
I arrived in Chita on the Day of Railway Workers on August 4, the city authorities decided to have a party for the kids and organized a “water battle”, handed out buckets and the children poured on each other.

Railroad Day in Chita, a separate note (10 photos).

Sculpture "Stone Flower"
The sculpture "Stone Flower" on Lenin Square, Chita.

Columns with plaques
Columns with plaques dedicated to the history of the city and region.

Tree and bridge of the newlyweds
Tree and bridge of the newlyweds, Chita, near the house on Tchaikovsky street, 4a.

Trailed plow "Worker"
Trailed plow "Worker" arr. 1954 and the foundation stone from Baikal in honor of the virgin lands. Chita, a square near the house on Leningradskaya street, 15a.

Monument to the soldiers of the tank column "Komsomolets Transbaikalia"
Monument to the soldiers of the tank column "Komsomolets Transbaikalia".

In the spring of 1943, the 49th Tank Brigade transferred 11 T-34 tanks, called the Komsomolets of Transbaikalia
The team distinguished themselves in the Battle of Kursk in a tank battle near Prokhorovka July 12, 1943
"Komsomolets Transbaikalia" took part in the liberation of the right bank of Ukraine, Romania and Hungary.
October 29, 1967 mounted on a pedestal.

In the background is the house of 1911, now the Geological Research Center.

Monument to the border guards of Transbaikalia
Monument to the border guards of Transbaikalia.

Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka
Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka, sculpture in the park "District House of Officers of the Russian Army."

Monument to the Coast Guard Border Guards
Monument to the border guards of the coast guard in the park "District House of Officers of the Russian Army."

On the pedestal is the river border boat of project 1398, the code for the project “Stork”.

Sculpture "Yoshkin cat"
Sculpture "Yoshkin cat", Chita, ODORA park. In 2016, a sculpture, an actor in the image of Vasya Kuzyakin from the film “Love and Pigeons”, was installed as a gift to fellow countryman actor Alexander Mikhailov.

The sculpture "Cossack and Bear"
The sculpture "Cossack and Bear", Chita, ODORA park. Probably the funniest and coolest sculpture of the city!

ODORA Park - separate note, 25 photos.

Monument to the Transbaikal Pioneers
Monument to the Transbaikal pioneers and the Streletsky Cossack Peter Ivanovich Beketov.

Art object "Kinolavka"
The art object Kinolavka, Chita, near the Udokan cinema.

Sculptural composition "The theater begins with a hanger"
The sculptural composition “Theater begins with a hanger”, Chita, at the entrance to the cinema “Udokan”.

The sculpture "Muse"
The sculpture "Muse".

Sculptural composition "Love and Fidelity"
Sculptural composition “Love and Fidelity”, Chita, square “Love and Fidelity”. open July 8, 2011 on Family Day. The sketch layout of the sculptural composition was created by Aram Grigoryan. Bronze sculpture was cast in China by the artist Jin Rongmin.

A milestone in memory of the passage of the Decembrists from Chita to the Petrovsky Zavod in August 1830.

"The Eiffel Tower"
Art object "Eiffel Tower", Chita, Lenin Street.

Sculptural composition "Cinema"
The sculptural composition "Cinema", Chita, near the cinema "Udokan" (it is in the background).

Umbrella and carriage
Umbrella and carriage.

The letters "I love ChGMA"
The letters "I love ChGMA" (Chita State Medical Academy).

Sculpture "Buddha"
Sculpture "Buddha". As you can see, he comprehended Zen and evaporated.

Victims of Political Repression
Victims of political repression.

Monument to Prince Alexander Nevsky
Monument to the Holy Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky, Chita, station square.

station Square
Station square of Chita-2 station. The signs “I love to travel” are set by Russian Railways in different cities, somewhere else I have seen such.


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