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Station Chita-2
Railway station of Chita-2 station, 1903.

General Post Office

General Post Office, Chita, st. Butina, 37. The post office building was built in 1893 according to the project of the architect M. Yu. Arnold for the postal and telegraph office.

Separately: Chita, wooden architecture (22 photos).

Steam engine monument to the railroad workers of Transbaikalia
Steam locomotive-monument to the railway workers of Transbaikalia for their contribution to the Victory. The steam locomotive of the Еа (Еа-2233) series was installed on September 2, 2010 near the ZabIZhT.

Locomobile monument P-75
Locomobile monument P-75
Mobile locomobile-monument P-75 manufactured by the Lyudinovsky plant, the exposition of the railway transport museum of Chita-1 station. Produced for the needs of the national economy from 1932 to 1960.

The layout of the Cherepanov steam locomotive
Layout of the Cherepanovs steam locomotive, exposition of the railway transport museum of Chita-1 station (separate note, 15 photos ).

Chita River
Chita River.

Monument to the fighters for Soviet power in Transbaikalia
Monument to the fighters for Soviet power in Transbaikalia, Chita, the area of ​​the October Revolution.

Monuments and sculptures of Chita - a separate note (39 photos).

House of Timofey Semenovich Gladkikh
House of Timofei Semenovich Gladkikh, 1905, Chita, ul. Grandmother, 88. At one time, one of the most beautiful houses on Boulevard Street (former name).

House of merchant Mikhail Timofeevich Lukin
House of merchant Mikhail Timofeevich Lukin.
The house was built in 1905 by the merchant of the second guild Mikhail Timofeevich Lukin, designed by architect F.E. Ponomarev. Chita, st. Grandma 82.

Sculpture "Pharaoh"
The sculpture "Pharaoh".
It’s hard to say what Pharaoh and Chita have to do with it, but oh well. The quarter “Partnership of the Polutov brothers”, the intersection of Tchaikovsky and Butin streets.

Theological Seminary

Theological seminary with the Transfiguration Church, Chita, ul. Tchaikovsky, 12.

Lenin Square
Lenin Square.
I arrived in Chita on the Day of Railway Workers on August 4, the city authorities decided to have a holiday for children and organized a “water battle”, distributed buckets and children poured on each other.

Columns with plaques
Columns with plaques dedicated to the history of the city and region.

About Railroad Day
About Railroad Day

Railway Day in Chita

Apartment building, Partnership Trukhin D.F. Smolyansky A.O.
Apartment building, Partnership Trukhin D. F Smolyansky A.O. , Chita, Chkalova street, 124 (Leningradskaya, 60). 1907 year.

Monument to the soldiers of the tank column "Komsomolets Transbaikalia"
Monument to the soldiers of the tank column "Komsomolets Transbaikalia".

In the spring of 1943, the 49th Tank Brigade transferred 11 T-34 tanks, called the Komsomolets of Transbaikalia
The team distinguished themselves in the Battle of Kursk in a tank battle near Prokhorovka July 12, 1943
"Komsomolets Transbaikalia" took part in the liberation of the right bank of Ukraine, Romania and Hungary.
October 29, 1967 mounted on a pedestal.

In the background is the house of 1911, now the Geological Research Center.

Museum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Trans-Baikal Territory
Museum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Trans-Baikal Territory - a former police department with a fire brigade. Chita, st. Chkalova, 116.

Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka
Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka, sculpture in the park "District House of Officers of the Russian Army."

Monument to the Coast Guard Border Guards
Monument to the border guards of the coast guard in the park "District House of Officers of the Russian Army."

On the pedestal is the river border boat of project 1398, the code for the project “Stork”.

The sculpture "Cossack and Bear"
The sculpture "Cossack and Bear", Chita, ODORA park. Probably the funniest and coolest sculpture of the city!

Sculpture "Hippo Cat"
Sculpture "Cat Hippopotamus", Chita, ODORA park. The cat sat on a bench in the park on June 10, 2013, the author of the sculpture is the Trans-Baikal sculptor Valery Bashirov. There is debate that this is a Pushkin cat scientist, the sculptor says that this is a collective image :)

Sculpture "Hippo Cat", the central alley of the park of the officers' house
The cat is very popular! Chita, ODORA park - separate note, 25 photos.

Unlike the chic ODORA park, the collective labor and recreation park for the railway workers, Collective Labor, was slightly overgrown and shabby.

House of Officers
House of Officers, Chita, ul. Lenin, 88. Full name - House of Officers of the 29th Separate Army of the Eastern Military District of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

House of Officers

Monument to the Transbaikal Pioneers
Monument to the Transbaikal pioneers and the Streletsky Cossack Peter Ivanovich Beketov.

"Shumovsky Palace"
"Shumovsky Palace".
Built by the partnership of merchants and gold miners of the Shumov brothers, 1915. Chita, st. Lenin, 84 (formerly Bolshaya). The building is considered one of the most beautiful in the city.

Shumovsky Palace

Former passage of the Vtorov
Former passage of Vtorov, Chita, 1910-1911 years of construction, architect I. Kuznetsov, contractor - merchant and industrialist D.F. Ignatiev. Currently - Office of the Federal Registration Service for the Trans-Baikal Territory, Office of the Federal Tax Service, State Unitary Enterprise “Obltekhinventarization”.

House M. D. Ignatieva
House M.D. Ignatieva, Chita, st. Anokhin, 53. Built according to the project of architect G.V. Nikitin, approved by the decision of the Board in 1903.

Former apartment building of V.V. Khlynovsky
Former apartment building of the mayor V.V. Khlynovsky, Chita, ul. Anokhina, 48. Built in December 1901 according to the project of the Chita architect Nikitin. Now - Ingodinsky District Court.

Sculptural composition "Love and Fidelity"
Sculptural composition “Love and Fidelity”, Chita, square “Love and Fidelity”. open July 8, 2011 on Family Day. The sketch layout of the sculptural composition was created by Aram Grigoryan. Bronze sculpture was cast in China by the artist Jin Rongmin.

Museum "Decembrists Church"
Museum "Decembrists Church", the oldest building in Chita, originally - the Church of the Archangel Michael ( 1776 ).

A milestone in memory of the passage of the Decembrists from Chita to the Petrovsky Zavod in August 1830.

Church of the Evangelical Baptist Christians Antioch
Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists Antioch, Chita, Selenginskaya St., 7.

Chita Cathedral Mosque
Cathedral mosque of Chita, st. Anokhina, 3a. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the only example of the Tatar mosque in Transbaikalia.

Former synagogue
The former synagogue, Ingodinskaya St., 19. The building of the beginning of the XX century, the project of the architect Rodyukov, the facades are made according to the drawings of the architect Nikitin. The fact that this is a synagogue is noticeable in the mogendavids on the facade.

The former printing house of the Trans-Baikal Regional Board
The former building of the printing house of the Trans-Baikal Regional Government, 1903, architect G.V. Nikitin. Chita, Leningradskaya street, 3.

Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God
Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God on the forecourt of Chita-2 station.

Former apartment building of the Cossack army
The former profitable house of the Cossack army, Chita, Butina street, house 1. Currently - the 3rd Directorate of the FSB of Russia.

Old brick house
Old brick house, st. Kosciuszko-Grigorovich, 48, district of the historical center.

Fountain near the theater of song and dance "Transbaikalia", Tchaikovsky, 14. I do not know how I took such a crooked picture...

Barrel with kvass
An excellent Siberian theme - barrels of kvass! For some reason, I have not seen such people in central Russia, but in Novosibirsk and Chita, they have survived. The most pleasant thing - for a glass of 0.2 liters - 12-15 rubles, for 0.5 - 25-30. Just!

Typical Chita Street
Typical Chita street.

Sidewalks come across such. I went to the station with the anti-torpedo tack, by train to Ulan-Ude.

station Square
Station square of Chita-2 station. The signs “I love to travel” are set by Russian Railways in different cities, somewhere else I have seen such.

In Chita there are a lot of merchant antiquities and related to the Decembrists. Well done, that landscaping the parks, establish a variety of sculptures and art objects.


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