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On road from Lagaletta to Tamarin is one more zoo: Casela. As well as in zoo La Vanille here animals in «native» environment. For the African cheetahs, lions and giraffes even «savanna» is arranged. A few photos from this remarkable place:

Columns. A zoo Casela, photo — Mauritius
Columns on entrance on parking of a zoo of Casela: a monkey and a parrot.

Index on turn
On turn to a zoo costs the three-metre index stylised under small houses with a straw roof.

View from parking place
View from parking place.

Audio-column before a zoo.

Audio-column disguised under a stone
And one more audio-column (!) disguised under a stone.

Entrance to the zoo Casela
Entrance to the zoo Casela.

Before an entrance in a zoo stand: a rhinoceros.

... And a lion. And on the right in a shot a column-stone.

At cash desks hang the lamps similar to cages for birds.

Doors of toilets
Doors of toilets! Wow!

Information rack
Information rack, likely a shanty with a straw roof.

Information rack

Relief interactive map of Mauritius
Relief interactive map of Mauritius.

Children's playground
Children's playground.

Small train on a children's playground
Small train on a children's playground. By the way, most likely present, from any narrow-gauge railway of any factory on reed processing.

Map of a zoo Casela
Map of a zoo Casela.

Small house with a straw roof
Small house with a straw roof.

Small house with a straw roof

Bamboo thickets
Bamboo thickets.

Boxes with «explosive»
Boxes with «explosive», a children's labyrinth.

Boxes with «TNT»

Restaurant in zoo territory
Restaurant in zoo territory.

View on mountain
Above settles down restaurant, remarkable views whence open.

In a zoo Casela

View zoo Casela
View zoo Casela.

n a hill in a zoo Casela
On a hill in a zoo Casela.

Goats of different breeds.

range birdie
Orange birdie.


Huge tree

View on mountain
For mountain clouds were hooked. And in the foreground — a young reed.

View on mountains and a plantation of a young reed

So it has turned out that to lions, cheetahs, giraffes and the most interesting I have not reached also pictures less, than could be... On a zoo with some interval there go buses with a sightseeing tour, and there are still separate excursions by open cars (any giraffes to you will directly thrust heads and to beg for meal).


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