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Tamarin — small town at south-east coast Mauritius. Weather was sad, photo similar.

Near city — notable landmark from sea and land — mountain Taurellu du Tamarin (548 metres above sea level).

Mountain Taurellu du Tamarin a photo — Mauritius

The same mountain, view from bridge Tamarin through the river with the same name (french: Riviere Tamarin).
Mountain Taurellu du Tamarin and the river Tamarin

Bridge Tamarin — Mauritius
Tamarin Bridge through the river with the name with the same name (Riviere Tamarin). On the Mauritius most names in French, and on a stone curbstone at this bridge the name is written in French. The bridge it is unreal narrow, cars disperse in few centimetres. Each time shuddered, passing on it. The sidewalk is only on the bridge and only on the one hand. Neither to the bridge, nor after — no sidewalk a roadside is present also pedestrians go on road. On Mauritius everywhere — is not present either sidewalks (even in settlements) or roadsides and people go on roads (the last and without that narrow so to go at the wheel cheerfully).

River Tamarin — Mauritius
The River Tamarin (french: Riviere Tamarin).

The most interesting in the city of Tamarin — field for extraction of sea salt: Extraction of salt, photo — Mauritius

Extraction of sea salt

On a background — Mountain Taurellu du Tamarin.

Extraction of sea salt

Ruins of old fortification
Near to extraction of sea salt ruins of old fortification. 3 times on island I found separate old towers. As I understand, high-grade fortification (a network of defensive works) on Mauritius never was. Build such separate towers it is absolutely makes no sense.

Small house in colonial style
Small house in colonial style. Somehow it seemed to me that it not colonial times, and modern new affairs.

Communication «palm tree»
On all island there are such cellular «palm trees» — towers for cellular communication aerials. I at first thought it huge palm trees, but having considered close have understood that it is the column which has been made up under a palm tree. Looks very cool!



Signboard BioEcoCarWash
Signboard BioEcoCarWash. Does not suffice still nano-.

Bulletin board
Some times on Mauritius find such bulletin boards.

Street lanterns with solar batteries
Street lanterns with solar batteries. I am more than such lanterns on island did not meet that is very strange — sunny days on Mauritius very much, is not clear why energy of the sun isn't used.

Index of kilometres to settlements
Such stones on all island, after the journey they are almost imperceptible, because small and with burnt out and peeling inscriptions.

n the second floor of a country house
I have not understood what for this plastic bottles are hanged out.

Shop signboard
Shop signboard. Rare on Mauritius a case when advertising is printed. Overwhelming majority of signboards — self-made that madly pleased me.

rnamented fence
Cheerful such ornamented fence.

Catholic church
Catholic church. At the majority of churches as this, does not have belltowers and the bell is suspended near to church between vertical columns (on a photo in bushes on the right).

House of Hindus
House of Hindus with images of god Ganesha (in Hinduism god of wisdom and well-being). On a roof the dog what for is rummaged.

Chapel in the form of a star
Unusual view a chapel — in the form of a star. Such, only in the form of a niche, meet on all island both Christian and Hindu.

raffic light
Majority of traffic lights for pedestrians from one section on which lights up either a green signal or red. And such traffic lights meet less often.

Chapel in the house of Hindus
In each house of Hindus it is obligatory to eat a chapel of a similar view. The sizes vary from 40 sm to pair metres in height.

Hieroglyphs on the house of Chineses
Hieroglyphs on the house of Chineses. Overwhelming majority on island — Hindus and Blacks. Chineses (as well as their houses and a pagoda) came across to me seldom. Unless still in Port Louis — huge Chinese quarter.

Drinking fountain
Drinking fountains meet very much and very seldom though on such climate they very much and are very necessary. With roads here too — asphalt good, but narrowly also is not present a roadside.

Figurine in a tree
Not identified figurine between tree trunks.

Wooden cross
Near to a fountain and a tree with a figurine costs the big wooden cross.

Wooden cross

Boats on an anchor
Fishing boats on an anchor.


Restaurant signboard
Almost all signboards on island — self-made.

Gate with lions
Lions on collars everywhere on island, Hindus love this.

Court yard of the house of Hindus
Both small houses of Hindus and intrahouse gardens necessarily pure, well-groomed and it is obligatory with colours and plants.

ne of small streets of Tamarin
One of small streets of Tamarin. In the distance on a tree multi-coloured flags are hanged out — such on all island are hung up by New year and Christmas.

Gate and pears
Football gate and boxing pears. Pears considerably beaten.

Gate with a chain
«Automatic», lol, gate. Twisted the handle — the chain has stretched. More I such anywhere did not meet, though for certain and at us come across.

New Year tree before shopping centre
New Year tree before shopping centre. New Year in such greens and Christmas decorations somehow are not perceived. But fur-trees here and there meet, truth more often decorations hang up on palm trees.


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