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Kurgan is one of the interesting Trans-Ural cities, in which there is a surprising amount of antiquity, part of which is associated with the Decembrists.

Monument to Timofey Nevezhin
Monument to Timofei Onisimovich Nevezhin - the founder of the city of Kurgan Opened on August 25, 2017 at the forecourt (Slosman square).
Sculptor: O. Yu. Krasnosheina.

Koshkin House

House of building contractor Koshkin, Kurgan , 77 Tomina Street.

Obelisk of Victory
Obelisk of Victory.
The obelisk in honor of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Kurgan , the pedestrian part of Pushkin Street.

Memorial to the Kurgan fallen in battle
A memorial to the Kurgan fallen in battle, plates with the names of those who died during the Great Patriotic War.

Sculptural composition "Nick - the winner"
Sculptural composition "Nick - the winner"
Sculptural composition “Nika - the winner”, Kurgan , Victors Square. The monument was erected in 1985. The authors of the project: sculptor V.S. Epishev, architects A.S. Yakushchenko, K.V. Efremov.

Monument to soldiers who died in local conflicts
Monument to soldiers who died in local conflicts.
The memorial complex to the soldiers - Trans-Urals, who died in local wars and military conflicts of the second half of the twentieth century.
Opened September 23, 2000 in a park at the intersection of Karl Marx and Proletarskaya streets.
Author: V. A. Epishev, architect: V. M. Khoroshayev.

House of Danilushkin
Danilushkin House (built in 1892), Kurgan , Maxim Gorky Street, 170. At present, the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology.

Cathedral Mosque
Kurgan Cathedral Mosque (built in 2012 ), 2a Sibirskaya Street

Tobol River
Tobol River.
Kurgan bursts into the top ten cities of Russia with the most flawed embankments, surpassing even Voronezh .

Monument to the employees of internal affairs bodies
Monument to employees of internal affairs bodies who died in the line of duty, Kurgan , Troitskaya Square.

Monument to Natasha Argentovskaya

Monument to the revolutionary Natasha Argentovskaya on Trinity Square, Kurgan .

Fire station

Fire station (built in 1881 - 1882), Kurgan , 62 Kuibyshev street.

Fireman's mannequin on the tower
A sculpture of a fireman is on duty at the fire tower.

House of Vasilyevs
Vasilievs House, Kurgan , Sovetskaya Street, 104 (former Noble). The famous Soviet poet Sergey Vasiliev was born in this house, as evidenced by a commemorative plaque on the facade. Currently - Puppet Theater "Gulliver" (one of the oldest puppet theaters, founded in 1943).

In this house in 1917 - 1920 was the Kurgan Revolutionary Committee, and from the 30s - the territorial administration of the NKVD (cellars were redesigned for cameras).

House of A. I. Kocheshev
House of A.I. Kocheshev (built in 1900), Kurgan , 92 Sovetskaya Street.

Trading shop, 1890
Trading shop, built in 1890. Kurgan , Sovetskaya street, 73.

Trade Shop
Presumably, also the former trading shop of the late XIX century.

Old mansions on Kuibyshev street
Old mansions along Kuibyshev street.

House of merchant Shilov
House of merchant Shilov, Kurgan , Kuibyshev street, 58.

The building of photography by I. M. Babykin
The building of photography I. M. Babykina.
Photo No. 1 was founded in 1925. Monument of wooden architecture. The inscription on the plaque reads: "Dedicated to the pioneers of photography."

The building was built at the beginning of the XIX century. Kurgan, Kuibyshev street, 65.

House of the Decembrist M. M. Naryshkin
House of the Decembrist M.M. Naryshkin.
The Decembrists' House-Museum, in 1833-1837, Mikhail Mikhailovich Naryshkin lived and was a kind of center of the city’s public life, there were exiled Decembrists who lived at that time in Kurgan and a few representatives of the local intelligentsia. Built in 1774.

Kurgan , Klimova street, 80A.

House of Trans-Ural Masters
House of Trans-Ural Masters.
Built in 1906 according to the project of engineer and architect V.A. Vanyukov.

Kurgan , Klimova street, 47.

Artisan Manor
Artisan Manor - brick-and-wood building, Kurgan , Klimova street, 40.

Apartment building P. I. Bakinova
Profitable house of P. I. Bakinov, built at the end of the XIX century. Kurgan , Kuibyshev street, 32.

County school building
The former county school building. Built in 1850, architect: Valov. Kurgan, 43 Kuybyshev street. Currently - Kurgan Regional Children and Youth Library named after V.F. Potanin.

House of the mayor F.V. Shvetov
The house of the mayor F.V. Shvetov, built in 1863. Kurgan , Kuibyshev street, 45.

The house-museum of V.K. Küchelbeker
House-Museum of the Decembrist V.K. Küchelbeker. Kurgan , Kuibyshev street, 19.

Monument to L. B. Krasin
Monument to L. B. Krasin.
Opened September 3, 1978.
Authors: Honored Artist of the RSFSR Yu. P. Chernov and Lenin Prize Laureate, architect G. G. Isakovich.

Epiphany Cathedral
Epiphany Cathedral, Kurgan , Klimova street, 3.


Craft school building
The building of a craft school named after Catherine and Fedor Berezins. Built in 1910. Kurgan , Kuibyshev street, 2. At present - children's music school number 1.

Tobol River Embankment
Embankment of the Tobol River.

View of the Epiphany Cathedral
View of the Epiphany Cathedral.

Decorative composition "Tsarevo settlement"
Decorative composition "Tsarevo settlement", Kurgan , Central Park of Culture and Art.

Toy railway
Children's railway. Kurgan , Central Park.

Children's Railway Train
A children's railway train at the Pionerskaya station.

Ancient water towers
Ancient water towers near the Kurgan railway station.

Kurgan Railway Station
The railway station of Kurgan.

Coat of arms of Kurgan
Coat of arms of Kurgan
Forged metal coat of arms with the inscription "To the life of the mound." Installed on Slosman Square (station).

Old mansions on Kuibyshev street

The mound struck me with an abundance of microcredit organizations. I have not seen such a quantity in any city in Russia. Even counted in one place - five in a row! Well, since I had to look for a tavern where to sit before the train, and I found it already three blocks from the station, I can draw a confident conclusion - it’s tight with work and income.


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