Kurgan Central Park

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The central park of Kurgan is relatively young - it was founded in 1969 on a small island formed by the old woman of Tobol and Bityevka.

Decorative composition "Tsar settlement"
Decorative composition "Tsar settlement", Kurgan , Central Park of Culture and Art.

The sculpture "Neptune"

The sculpture "Neptune", central park.

Sculpture "Mermaid"
Sculpture "Mermaids", central park.

Sculptural composition "Childhood"
Sculptural composition "Childhood", Kurgan , Children's Park. Opened June 1, 2012.

Decorative composition "Bears"
Decorative composition "Bears", Kurgan , Children's Park.

Locomotive TU10-007
Diesel locomotive TU10-007 at the station "Pionerskaya". Kurgan children's railway - a separate note. In addition to it, there are other attractions, but those are common for such parks.

Bityevka River
The Bityevka River, like the park, is quite overgrown and neglected.

Bityovka River, Central Park

Duck box? For some reason I thought about Mu-mu :)

The letters "I love the mound"
The letters "I love Kurgan" - such I meet in all cities of Russia, literally except Moscow and St. Petersburg.


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