Kronstadt Naval Nikolsky Cathedral
Kronstadt Naval Nikolsky Cathedral

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Nikolsky Naval Cathedral — the main dominant (height of 70 metres) Kronstadt, is constructed in 1913 to year by architect Vasily Antonovichem Kosjakovym (was under construction 10 years with 1903 on 1913 years). The temple was operating to 1927 year then has been converted in a cinema of a name of Maxim Gorky, paternal has received in the people a nickname «Maksimka». In the architectural plan has similarity to the Constantinople Cathedral of Sacred Sofia (VI century). Between Russian Orthodox Church and sea department negotiations are nowadays carried on for temple transfer back churches. Before a cathedral the area with Admiral Makarov monument is located.

Behind a monument descent to the channel where revolutionary sailors took away officers on execution is located, and townspeople had an introduction: «Reduce to Makarov».

Temple is calculated on 5000 parishioners. The Naval Cathedral is a monument to all ranks of the Russian fleet created Peter I.


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