Crimea, Sevastopol. Part 5

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City-hero Sevastopol, continuation. The beginning: Crimea, Sevastopol. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

View to Sevastopol
View on Sevastopol.

View to Sevastopol

Remarkable snow-white pavilion.

Ladder to a viewing point
Ladder to a viewing point.

Benches and urns
In Sevastopol cool benches and urns. To benches only one claim: there are no backs.


Arch between houses

In Sevastopol Ionic order more often and, is rare — Doric. There is — an exception: the Corinthian.

House with greens on a facade

House in modernist style
Second time in Sevastopol to me has turned up the house in modernist style. On-truth to tell, here any subspecies of a modernist style.

Nice flowerbed, but with any extinct plant.

Cinema «Ukraine»
Cinema «Ukraine». Here, about what I told — columns Ionic order.


Attractive eclecticism
Attractive eclecticism.

Lenin district court
Lenin district court has lodged in the beautiful house.

Snow-white vases on an entrance in park.

Dilapidated ladder
Dilapidated ladder. Unfortunately, descent to it is closed.

Building with a turret



 Openwork gate
Openwork gate

And from above any balcony hardcore.

Gate, a balcony

Column «Urals»
Column «Urals». Such came across often in Crimea, and in Sevastopol especially.

Separately: monuments of Sevastopol.

Monument to a battle ship «Sevastopol»
Monument to a battle ship «Sevastopol». Bolsheviks have renamed it into «Commune of Paris», the historical name will return only in 1943.

Monument to soldiers-Afghans — Sevastopol

Monument to soldiers-Afghans.

Cross to soldiers-Afghans
Nearby there is a memorable cross and the list of Sevastopolians, victims in Afghanistan.

Monument to members of the Komsomol — Sevastopol
Monument to members of the Komsomol, defenders Sevastopol.

Monument to participants of revolt of 1905, — Sevastopol
Monument to participants of the Sevastopol revolt of 1905.

Arch in honour of the 200 anniversary of Sevastopol
Arch in honour of the 200 anniversary Sevastopol on entrance on street of the General of the Miller.

Ekaterina's mile — Sevastopol
Ekaterina's mile — a milestone of times of visiting Crimea Catherine II. Suburb Sevastopol, settlement Uchkuevka.

 Tablet on Ekaterina's mile
On Ekaterina's mile tablet in the Ukrainian language. Such on all peninsula, but in this case it would be better without it. The black tablet on a snow-white monument, cool.


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