Crimea, Sevastopol. Part 3

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Sevastopol, continuation. The beginning: Crimea, Sevastopol. Part 1 and Part 2.

Monument to Catherine II, photo — Sevastopol
Monument to Catherine II — founder Sevastopol.

Broken fence
Once, likely, a beautiful fence. Was.

Index on entrance to Sevastopol
Index on entrance in Sevastopol. Rather, by the way, the pleasant.

Monument to militiamen
Monument to militiamen.

Where pension
Where pension? Cry from the heart is direct.




Door or a window above me has surprised. And geometry at a wall such interesting.

Arch between houses
Arch between houses.

Sevastopol centre of culture and art
Sevastopol centre of culture and art. Somehow on architecture also you will not tell.

Small street of Sevastopol
On a balcony at the left any wild building.

Snow-white ladder.
Snow-white beautiful ladder.

Small street in Sevastopol

Ladder steps
Sevastopol all humpbacked, ladders — the frequent phenomenon.


ladder Steps

Joint-stock bank Russia



Museum of the Black Sea fleet
Museum of the Black Sea fleet.

Museum of the Black Sea fleet, photo — Sevastopol

Anchors and mines
Near to a museum a ladder decorate anchors (certainly) and underwater mines.

Museum of the Black Sea fleet
Near to a museum — torpedoes, guns, мортиры.


 Officers Club of the Black Sea fleet
Officers Club of the Black Sea fleet — the ugliest building in centre.

Monument to defenders of Sevastopol

Ahmatova's House
Ahmatova's House. There is cafe with low prices and good food. Next days I ate here (Lenin's street, almost opposite to Officers Club).

City Council
City Council. Assholes, of course, to hang up on a facade such house conditioners.

 Tablet in Ukrainian
In Crimea often such tablets on historical buildings.

 Tablet on the house
Lenin's Street, appears, already repeatedly renamed.

Avenue of towns-heroes
Avenue of towns-heroes.

Award of October revolution

Memorial to heroes of defence of Sevastopol of 1941-1942
Memorial to heroes of defence of Sevastopol of 1941-1942.

Lenin's Street
Sevastopol — very green city.

Lenin's Street

Park propileas
Pleasant propileas of park.

Monument to admiral Senyavin
Monument to admiral Senyavin.

Fence curbstone
Fence curbstone. The fence was in the second part.

Lenin and a temple
Wonderful view to Lenin and a temple dome.


Wedding locks
Wedding locks.


Walking ship
Walking ship.

Boat wheel

Stall of souvenirs
Full set of flags: Air-borne, imperial, marines, Crimean and even Novorossia.

To be continue.


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