Crimea, Sevastopol. Part 1

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City-hero Sevastopol. Photo will go from the end, from last day stay in Crimea.

Welcome to returning in native harbour! Photo — Sevastopol
Known graffiti «Welcome to returning in native harbour!» On a wall of the house near the monument to submariners.

Monument to submariners of a photo — Sevastopol

Scourge Crimea — hen houses on balconies. Here the creative owner also has expanded and has deepened the base area.

House with columns

Artefacts of the Ukrainian Crimea
Ukrainian Artefacts in Crimea.

Monument to the sailor to the Cat
Monument to sailor Koshka, the hero of the first defence of Sevastopol.

 Tunnel in a rock
Tunnel in a rock.

Rare bus
Rare bus, old car industry often in Crimea.

Steam locomotive-monument to an armored train «Zheleznyakov» with the ship cannon on a platform
Steam locomotive-monument to an armored train «Zheleznyakov» with the ship cannon on a platform. «Death to fascism!»


Monument to Catherine II — founder of Sevastopol
Monument to Catherine II — founder of Sevastopol.

Window in a fence

Small street of Sevastopol

Attention to a window in the bottom (it is visible an open window leaf).

Small street of Sevastopol

Regional management
Time all hang up hen houses on balconies why and officials not to spoil pleasant building.

Monument to Saints Cyril and Methodius, Sevastopol
The monument to Saints Cyril and Methodius, the newest — 2008 year, is established before the Peter and Paul cathedral.

Gate of a naval unit
Gate of a naval unit with anchors on entrance.



By the way, Sevastopol is spoilt less Feodosiya, for example.

Balconies, air conditioners in cages.

Citation mortally-wounded Kornilov: «Defend Sevastopol!»
Citation mortally-wounded Kornilov: «Defend Sevastopol!»

Nice advertising.

Sevastopol has made upon me strong impression — a white, bright, shone city. Also with pleasant architecture, despite all endured storms.


Nice old small house
Nice old small house.

School facade
School facade.

Small street of Sevastopol

Small street of Sevastopol
City very green and all here such here the humpbacked.

Tricolors everywere.

krainian number stuck with russian flag
In to Crimea it is universal the Ukrainian flag on numbers it is stuck by Russian tricolor.

Whip-round for the help to Donbass
Whip-round for the help to Donbass.

v. Stalin
Glory to a great Soviet bistro!

Ice-cream is, CIGARETTES are not present.

shakov's Square
Ushakov's Square.

Space stall
Space stall, it is similar times of the USSR.

to be continue


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