Fortress Vladivostok — Novosiltsevskaya Battery

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Near the Pospelovskaya battery on Russky Island is another coastal battery of rapid-firing guns — Novosiltsevskaya.

Cannons of the Novosiltsev battery
The guns of the Novosiltsevsky battery.

Novosiltsevskaya coastal battery

The battery was built from 1899 to 1903 under the leadership of the military engineer Ernst Oskarovich Maak (the same engineer as the one who built the neighboring Pospelovsky battery).

Cannon of the Novosiltsev battery
During the restoration of 20112012, mock-ups were installed on the guns.

Cannon of the Novosiltsev battery

Gun ladder
The battery has been perfectly restored, however, access to it is only possible by car.

Powder Cellar
Powder Cellar.

Novosiltsevskaya battery

Novosiltsevskaya battery

Ammunition hatch
Ammunition supply hatch.

Cannons of the Novosiltsev battery
The battery was designed for six six-inch guns and two 57-mm coastal guns.

Ajax Bay View

View of Ajax bay.

Ajax Bay

Ajax Bay, ships on the roadstead, in the distance — Skrypleva Island.

Ajax Bay
Ajax Bay. The poetic names of the bays of Vladivostok are according to the first ships that came to these places.

The coordinates of the Novosiltsevskaya battery: 43°3'26"N 131°54'3"E


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