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On the way from Madrid to Zaragoza, after Cetina, we have visited other interesting town — Calatayud, a city in a province Zaragoza, autonomous community Aragon.

A few photo of Calatayud:
Arch in the wall
Artful engineering construction, as though the rest of a wall of any another building.

Church of the Sacred Andrey
Church of the Sacred Andrey (spanish: Iglesia de San Andrés).

City, of course, interesting, but we wanted to get to a fortress which we have seen from a line.

Having understood with an entrance way, we have scrambled on a dominating hill. From a fortress there was one and a half tower, some walls and the part of an external wall leaving downwards to a city.

Fortress of Calatayud
Fortress of Calatayud.

Fortress Calatayud

The fortress is for sale. In total €483 000. Do you want to buy real estate in Spain? :)

Fortress Calatayud
Fortress Calatayud

Panorama of the Fortress Calatayud
Fortress Calatayud spherical panorama.

View of Calatayud from the fortress
View of Calatayud from the fortress.

Pass between walls
Pass between walls.

Better preserved tower
Better the others preserved tower.

Huge hole in the wall
Huge hole in the wall.

External fortification and a view on the city Calatayud
External fortification and a view on the city Calatayud.

raffic lights
In Spain very cool traffic lights. Mainly that they duplicated, if some numbers + frequently additional traffic lights at level of eyes of the driver. This traffic light has turned up on entrance to Calatayud.

Having taken a walk on picturesque ruins, we have gone further.
Road from the fortress Calatayud photo — the Nature, landscapes

Sights Calatayud:
  • Church the San Pedro, spanish: Iglesia de San Pedro de los Francos
  • Church the San Juan with a huge belltower, spanish: Iglesia de San Juan el Real
  • Cathedral Church of the Holy Sepulcher, spanish: Colegiata del Santo Sepulcro
  • Temple of the Maiden de la Penja, spanish: Santuario de la Virgen de la Peña
  • Amphitheater for bullfight


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