Ancient Izborsk fortress

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Nearby Pskov there is a fortress less Pskov, but also ancient and interesting — Izborsk.

Fortification wall
Fortification wall.

Ancient gravestones

Ancient gravestones at the fortification of Izborsk fortress.

Izborsk fortress
Izborsk fortress.

Fortification and chapel
Modern chapel and the Talavsky tower.

Northwest part of Izborsk fortress
Northwest part of Izborsk fortress.

Sacred Nikolay's Icon on a fortification
Sacred Nikolay's Icon on a fortification.

Rests of an external fortification
Izborsk fortress in nowadays there is only citadel. External defensive walls was not remain.

 Trade in souvenirs
In a fortress there is trade by souvenirs, kvass, shish kebabs, mead-drink.

In a tower
On one of towers it is possible to rise (Tower Lukovka).

In a tower
Loopholes are closed up by glass, lie any ridiculous cannons (obviously not serf, but infantry).

Nikolsky church and part of fortification
Nikolsky church in a citadel and a fortification part.

Destroyed fortification
Destroyed fortification. A view from Lukovka tower towards the Talavsky tower (directly) and tower «Tower»/«Vyshka» (at the left).

In a fortress
In summer in fortress there are various military-historical festivals in holidays.

Children with wooden weapon
Children play with wooden weapon.


Peoples in medieval clothes
Peoples in medieval clothes.

Fight of swords
Fight of swords. Well, similarity of fight — for spectators.

Soldier in a medieval armour
Soldier in a medieval armour.


 Tower of the Izborsk fortress
Tower of the Izborsk fortress.


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