Koporie fortress

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Near St.-Petersburg there is a pleasant Old Russian fortress Koporie. It was built by German knights, destroyed by Alexander Nevsky, then it's built up. Repeatedly passed between us and Swedes, it was reconstructed.

Gate of fortress Koporie
Gate of fortress Koporie. At the left — Southern tower, on the right — Northern. The bridge once was drawbridge.



Chapel in the Koporsky fortress – a family tomb of Zinoviev.

Chapel, a virw from within

View from within chapels of the Koporsky fortress

Middle tower
Middle tower

Koporsky fortress, Middle tower

Tower Panorama
Panorama of loopholes of Southern tower.


Middle tower
Middle tower

Angular tower

View from Koporsky fortress on the Angular tower (most destroyed).

View from fortifications of the Koporsky fortress
View from fortifications of the Koporie fortress

View from a fortification of the Koporsky fortress
The fortress is located on the brink of the Izhora height, views from walls the grasping! And fortification has well remained, for so old age (XIII century)

Sight not worn out, it is recommended to visiting. In the winter even it is more interesting — there are no tourists.


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