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Having gone in the morning from Sevastopol, visit Bakhchysarai and the Khan's palace, having made a courageous march-throw through all Crimea, towards evening we have appeared in Kerch to a ferry. Unfortunately, on ferry we have got already at night, photo would be more cheerful.

 Top automobile deck of the ferry
Top automobile deck of the ferry

photo Ferry — Crimea
This car ferry was on three decks for cars, is larger than what we floated in Crimea in the beginning of June (that ferry was one-decked + 1 deck for passengers). After the main deck was filled, congress on the bottom has been opened.

Salutatory signboard on a mooring of Kerch
Crimea welcomes already other tourists, and we go back.

Captain's cabin
Captain's cabin.

Captain's cabin

p automobile deck of the ferry
Buses use a priority, at first ferries are filled with them, proceeding from not which day quota and quantity of buses. Then trucks and automobile. At trucks so a tin a certain quota and advantage.

 Top automobile deck of ferry Protoporos IV

Floating crane
Floating crane.

Ferry to Kerch
By passes the ferry from Continent in Crimea.

Ferry to Crimea
And one more.

Ferry mooring at Continent
And our ferry comes nearer, in the meantime, to a mooring at Continent.

Also we are going to moored.

Ferry parking place
Ferry parking place full by wishing to going in Crimea.

Cars in the ferry before unloading
People already on low start.

Rest in Golubitsky
Saw and on Crimea similar inscriptions by cars. The most cool was: «we go to Crimea!»

Nearby moors the ferry loaded in Kerch in parallel with ours. But we have sailed earlier :)

Cars leave the ferry
Last cars leave a ferry main deck, will soon open the bottom.

Roaring crowd of tourists observes unloading of our ferry
Roaring crowd of tourists observes unloading of our ferry, soon, through an hour, they will be in Crimea.

The crossing this time (middle of June) has occupied as, 2,5 hours. Next days the stream only increased. It is possible to slip only in advance having bought tickets through the Internet (roubles on 500 more expensively) faster.

Notes about Crimea have begun with the description of features Kerch ferry with the prices and the small photoreport.


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