Trip to Crimea: Kerch ferry

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How to travel to Crimea? It is possible only in two ways: by plane to Simferopol, or by the Kerch ferry (or landing from the sea from the personal yacht). By train will be also through the ferry, as by car.

So, a crossing. Behind settlement Ilyich, without reaching a traffic police post, it is necessary to buy the ticket for the ferry.
1 ticket for the adult — 162 roubles.
One car (length to 4,2 m) — 1190 roubles. There is a preorder, tickets is hardly more expensive — on 1600 roubles (small economy of time, it is not necessary to face cash desks, but all it is necessary to defend the second turn on the ferry).

Parking before cash desks
Parking before cash desks.

Parking before cash desks
As you can see — it is almost empty. Ticket offices work quickly.

 Turn on the ferry
From cash desks it is necessary to pass some kilometres and there will be a platform with turn on the ferry. On this platform of 14 numbers on 12 cars in everyone. And the small tail costs to a platform.

Ferry and parking

Car ferry
At first was completed with cars one steam, and then and ours.

Car ferry
Steam have partially completed by cars, then have started pair of trucks and steam of buses.

Car ferry
Counter course goes the ferry from Kerch.


We were accompanied by seagulls and dolphins, pleasing passengers.

Railway ferry

We have slipped a crossing for 2,5 hours (from the moment of purchase of the ticket before disembarkation to the Crimean coast). Very successfully, I consider!

Yes, the crossing personnel schooled, bright and affable. Date of our crossing: on June, 2nd, 2015, the middle of day, week (in the morning and should be more free in the evening). Separate persons managed to slip a crossing in an hour, judging by polls having a rest.

The Kerch crossing works as the clock, an interval of ferries — 50 minutes.

Upd: the special correspondent of «Komsomolskaya Pravda» Dmitry Steshin wrote on June, 9th that there was on a crossing to Crimea 6 hours. During the high season (July-August) turn still will increase.


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