Crimea, Bakhchysarai — the Khan's Palace

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By road from Sevastopol to Bakhchysarai we visit Bakhchysarai and Khan's Palace (Hansaray). So, hardly photo the main sight Bakhchysarai, old Tatar capital:

Souvenir tents before palace
Souvenir tents before palace.

Minarets of a mosque

Good cheburechnaya (cafe with etnic food) which we have visited after the Palace and remained rather happy.

Tourists was much, before us two buses have unloaded. It is possible to present what here a madhouse in a high season.


Courtyard of the Khan's Palace
Courtyard of the Khan's Palace is pure, arranged well and tidy.

Courtyard of the Khan's Palace

Courtyard of the Khan's Palace

Courtyard of the Khan's Palace

Domes of a bath «Sara-Guzel»
Domes of a bath «Sara-Guzel». And looks like a mosque.

Court yard Khan's cemetery
Court yard Khan's cemetery.

Ancient tombs Khan's cemetery

Ancient tombs Khan's cemetery

Maksura. The Hansky lodge
Maksura. The Hansky lodge.

Window in a wall
Beauty and pleasant lattice!

Doors of Bijuk Khan Dzhami (Big Khan's Mosque)
Doors of Bijuk Han Dzhami (Big Khan's Mosque)

Priest of the mosque

Doors in a wall

Castle moat of the palace
Castle moat of the palace.

I have already said used that in Crimea all fountains are disconnected. Huge problems with water, invariable thanks ukrainians.

Souvenir tents
And once again about souvenir tents. In an amicable way, it is necessary to allocate for a palace of the half-day/day, a lot of all interesting.

We have gone: Simferopol-Kerch — ferry and to home.


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