Military-historical reconstruction

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Photos from reconstruction of the past fights and battles. Red Army, the Finnish infantry, White Guards of Judenich, Kaiser infantry. Military-historical reconstruction as the phenomenon, has appeared after the Second World War in England. Gradually, the hobby for military history with revestments in characters of a concrete epoch, has reached and us. In Petersburg it is a lot of and clubs, it is a lot of and participants. Various theatrical actions on concrete events of the past are regularly spent.


Reconstruction of battles I World war

In territory Kronverka (an artillery museum) on November, 1st, 2009 there passed military-historical reconstruction battles I World war.

Offensive Judenich to Petrograd

November, 15th, 2009 in Gatchina have been won back two fights Civil war — offensive of Judenich to Petrograd.

Winter war

Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940. «Winter» or «Unknown» war. In 2009 70 years from the moment of the beginning of operations on the Kola isthmus, to it reconstruction of battles of armies Red Army against the Finnish fighters will be organised.


Infanterija, hussars, dragoons, uhlans, cuirassiers, Cossacks. War of 1812.

Romans vs Barbarians

Professionals of the fifth Roman legion and a command of barbarians-fans

7 epoch, reconstruction in the Art museum

Roman legions, Russian hussars and armies of Great Army, the Semyonovsky regiment and soldiers of the Kaiser, Baltic sailors and Waffen-SS. Day and night museums in Kronverke.


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