Square May 1

Square May 1 photo - Kazan
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13.08.2018  17:05

View of the square May 1, Kazan The Kremlin street, the building on the left is the Kazan City Hall (the building of the former City Duma), on the right is the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan (former Gostiny Dvor, formerly called "Hippo" because of its great length).

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Gostiny dvor  Occupies extensive quarter in limits Nevsky prospect, Garden — street, a lane of Lomonosov and the Duma street. Trading premises — behind a continuous two-story arcade have undergone to radical reconstruction. Spacious trading floors in both floors (1950 ... →


Kazan — capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. Sights and monuments on a photo, Kazan kremlin.



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