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SEC "Pyramid"
Pyramid shopping center, Moskovskaya street, 3 (left) and view of the Kazan Kremlin .

Kazan, 11 Moskovskaya Street
It seems like a new house, but due to the elements of the Empire style it looks attractive. Moscow street, 11.

Protoka Bulak

The Bulak channel with an excellent landscaped promenade.

Monument to Musa Jalil
Monument to Musa Jalil .

John the Baptist Monastery
View of the John the Baptist Monastery from the Millennium Square.

Monument to Musa Jalil, Kazan, square on 1 May. Sculpture monument to the patriot poet, Hero of the Soviet Union, laureate of the Lenin Prize.

Square May 1
View of the Square on May 1, Kazan . The Kremlin Street is leaving in the distance, the Kazan City Hall on the left (the building of the former City Duma), on the right is the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan (the former Gostiny Dvor, formerly called "Hippo" because of its large length).

View of Kazan and the Palace of Landowners
View of Kazan and the Palace of Landowners (the majestic white building in the center), on the right the Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God is completed (at the place where the icon was found), in the foreground there is the fortress wall of the Kazan Kremlin .

View of Kazan from the Kazan Kremlin
The church on the right is the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin .

Family Center "Kazan"
Family Center "Kazan" - one of the modern symbols of Kazan, the registrar in the form of a cauldron. Entry to the center of the family "Kazan" for the months ahead.

Mislavskogo street
Street Mislavskogo. On the left is the house of Ivan Nikolaevich Kharitonov, a famous Kazan printer (address: 4, Mislavskogo St., Kazan).

Crossroad of Mislavsky and Dzerzhinsky streets
Crossroad of Mislavsky and Dzerzhinsky streets.

Cool Graffiti
Cool graffiti.

Karl Marx Street
Karl Marx Street, in the center of the building of the Office of the Kazan Diocese (Address: Kazan, Karl Marx St., 9/15).

The building of the first gymnasium
The building of the first male gymnasium, the third Russian gymnasium in time, was opened in 1759 . Architect M. E. Emelyanov. Among the gymnasium students of the first set, G. R. Derzhavin was accepted here.

Address: Kazan, st. Karl Marx, 10.

The main building of the Admiralty office complex

The main building of the Admiralty office complex (Kazan, Karl Marx St., 17). Petrovsky baroque - the last thing I expected to meet in Kazan.

Corps of the Dean of Government
The building of the Council of Prosperity, 1774, architect V.I. Kaftyrev.

Address: Kazan, st. Karl Marx, 12/4. The building on the left is the Church of Sts. Macarius (XIX century).

House V. A. Druzhinin
The house of V.A. Druzhinina (1911), a unique sample of a wooden house in the Art Nouveau style (!). What an unexpected find! Object of cultural heritage of local importance. Wooden Art Nouveau I met only in Yekaterinburg .

Address: Kazan, st. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, 2.

House Likhachev
House of merchants Likhachev (1834, architect P. G. Pyatnitsky).

Kazan, Bolshaya Krasnaya Street, 15/9.

Big Red Street
Bolshaya Krasnaya Street, Kazan .

St. Catherine's Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Catherine, 1771, address: Kazan, st. Karl Marx, 26.

Black Lake artificial reservoir"
Artificial reservoir " Black Lake " in the park with the same name. Once upon a time, a whole chain of lakes stretched from the Kremlin in the southeast direction, in the 19th century all were filled up, one thing remained. In the old days the lake was fish.

erritory of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
The territory of St. Nicholas Cathedral . For the first time I see a street clock as an element of gate design. Sorry for not taking a bigger picture.

Former Gostinodvor Church of St. Nicholas
Former Gostinodvor church of sv. Nicholas is in a ruined abandoned state - I hope they will restore it.

Alexandrovsky Passage
Alexandrovsky Passage, the building was built by merchant Alexander Sergeevich Aleksandrov. The opening of the Passage took place on November 8, 1883 . Now abandoned, restored only the facade.

Kazan, Kremlin st., 17.

The sculptural composition "Trust"
The sculptural composition " Trust ", installed near the house number 6 on the street Profsoyuznoy, Kazan . Posted by Fanil Valiullin.

Bauman Street
Pedestrian street Bauman (Big Prolomnaya, Nogai road in the era of the Kazan Khanate), one of the oldest streets of Kazan .

About street musician
About street musician. Already recruited a small collection .

Art object "Horse country"
At the beginning of Bauman Street, before exiting the Kremlevskaya metro station, the Horse-Country art object was installed. Composition of the newest, in 2018, Yandex maps about him still not in the know.

Art object "Horse country"

Cat Kazan
Sculpture "The Kazan Cat " on Bauman Street, Kazan . The author - Igor Bashmakov.
For services to the Fatherland Kazan cats, brought to St. Petersburg on the orders of Catherine II .

Kazan Circus
Kazan circus looks like a UFO. Considered one of the best in Russia, he is praised by both spectators and circus actors (for example, Yuri Nikulin). The authors of the project were awarded the Prize of the USSR Council of Ministers (built in 1967).

Kota Kazansky Workshop
Workshop Kota Kazansky :)

Gift Shop" Orphan of Kazan "
Gift Shop " Orphan of Kazan ". There is a theory that the phraseologist " orphan of Kazan " went from the time of Ivan the Terrible, when the Tatar khans declared to bow to the king in tattered clothes, in the hope of royal mercy.

Bauman pedestrian street
The pedestrian street of Bauman seems to be landscaped, there are lights, but they are shallow and the street is actually dark. A huge plus is that on the street the sea of ​​cafes / is eaten - there was no problem where to eat.

Hotel" Kazan Compound "
Hotel "Kazan monastery" (1843 - 1848 years of construction), the building was recently in a ruined state. Well done that restored!

Bulak duct at night
Bulak duct at night

Bulak duct at night

It was a pity there was very little time for Kazan, but I liked the city very much, just like Samara is the best cities in the country! In Kazan, besides an interesting olden time in huge quantities, the infrastructure is in excellent condition and the public transport is the newest. With buses / trolleybuses / trams around Russian cities , where as, it happens that rarities travel along routes.
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