Stalinki on Yakov Sverdlov Street

Stalinki on Yakov Sverdlov Street photo - Ekaterinburg
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12.08.2018  17:21

Stalinki on Yakov Sverdlov Street. This is how all the main streets of all the cities of Russia should look like! No fucking wires, only a trolleybus contact line. And the lights are gorgeous! I would also remove the wires that had been thrown by the fucking Internet service providers and it would be fabulous.

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photo near Ekaterinburg
  • Tank T-72 and BMP-1
  • Kch4-328 steam locomotive and monument to Cherepanov brothers first Russian steam locomotive
  • Stalinki on Yakov Sverdlov Street
  • Garage management of the Sverdlovsk railway
  • Möbius strip

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