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The sculpture "Youth of Buryatia"
The sculpture "Youth of Buryatia", Ulan-Ude, the intersection of Borsoev and Smolin streets. A 5-meter sculpture of a Buryat youth on horseback and with a falcon in his hands, made of gray granite, was installed on February 3, 2011, the author is a Buryat sculptor: A. M. Mironov.

Former Red Cross Infirmary

The former infirmary of the Red Cross (built in 1902 ), now - GAUZ "Children's Clinical Hospital of the city of Ulan-Ude" (Modogoev St., 1 building 1).

Sculptural composition "Cranes"
The sculptural composition “Cranes” was opened on September 7, 2011 on the “Avenue of the Fathers” ( Ulan-Ude, Ranzhurov Street). Sculptor: A. Mironov - the same as the sculpture " Youth of Buryatia ".

How the fountain no longer works.

Lenin monument
Monument to Lenin.
The biggest head of Lenin in the world! Opened November 5, 1971. Sculptors: G.V. Neroda, Yu. G. Neroda. Ulan-Ude, the area of ​​the Soviets.

Political Education House Building
Political Education House Building
House Radio. The building of the House of Political Education, The building of the Zabaikals plant and the Buryat Radio Broadcasting Committee, Ulan-Ude, ul. Erbanova, 7a. The building was built in 1955 - 1959, the architect is L.K. Minert.

Theater Square Lhasarana Linhovoina
Theater Square Lhasarana Linkhovoin in Ulan-Ude is great! Unless the benches would be better with backs.

Buryat State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater
Buryat State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater People's Artist of the USSR G. Ts. Tsydinzhapov, Ulan-Ude, 51 Lenin Street.

The sculpture "Beauty of the Angara"
The sculpture "Beauty of the Angara" near the opera house. The composition is immortalized by the legends of the Buryat theater - Pyotr Abasheev and Larisa Sakhyanova. The sculpture was installed in 2000.

Arch "Royal Gate"
The Tsar’s Gate Arch in memory of a visit to the city of Verkhneudinsk (now Ulan-Ude ) by Tsarevich Nikolai Alexandrovich during his trip to Siberia on June 20-21, 1891.

Double-headed eagles from the arch were shot down in 1917, and the arch was also demolished in 1936. By the day of the city on June 12, 2006, the Arc de Triomphe was restored. The new arch, unlike the old wooden one, is slightly larger in size, but it repeats the original exactly.

Hotel "Buryatia"
Hotel "Buryatia", Ulan-Ude, Communist street, 47a.

Manor of a prosperous city dweller

The estate of a prosperous city dweller and a branch in Ulan-Ude of the Kyakhtinsky Museum of Local Lore named after Academician V. A. Obruchev, Sovetskaya St., 25 and 27.

Victory Memorial
Victory Memorial.

Alley of the Victory Memorial Park
Alley of the Victory Memorial Park
The central alley of the Victory Memorial Park, Ulan-Ude.

City park of culture and rest "Gorsad"
City Park of Culture and Leisure "Gorsad" gives the impression of desolation. The same weeds in the knee, as in Ufa in the square of the 50th anniversary of the Victory (for example).

Gorsad Park Arch
The arch of the park is doubtful in my opinion.

Holy Trinity Church
Holy Trinity Church in the central park of culture and rest " Gorsad ".

Church of the Holy Trinity - a monument of regional importance, built in 1798 - 1809.

Buryat Academic Drama Theater
Buryat Academic Drama Theater named after H. Namsaraeva, Ulan-Ude, Kuibyshev street, 38. View from the Gorsad recreation park.

Buddhist prayer drum Khurde
Buddhist prayer drum "Khurde" near the Buryat Academic Drama Theater. The young lady, passing by, spun the drum and went on without stopping. Well, I spun, and went on.

Monument to Gesar
Monument to Geser - the hero of the Buryat epic. One of the symbols of Ulan-Ude.

The sculpture of Geser Khan
Installed in 2006. The height of the sculpture without a pedestal is about 6 meters, with a spear - almost 9.

Geser - in the mythology of the Mongolian and Tibetan peoples who came into contact with the Syanbians: the cultural hero sent down by heaven - the Son of Heaven, the heavenly horseman, the god of war (patron saint of warriors) and the chosen king who cleans the earth from monsters - mangus demons.

Worship Cross to the Cossacks - the founders of Verkhneudinsk
The worship Cross to the Cossacks - the founders of Verkhneudinsk ( Ulan-Ude ). Established in honor of the 325th anniversary of the founding of the city in 1666. Cossack explorers Gavril Lovtsov and Osip Vasilyev erected a cautious lynching winter hut here.

Uda River
Uda River and Udinsky Bridge.

Uda River
Uda River.

Uda River and Udinsky Bridge

Buddhist prayer drum
Buddhist prayer drum, in the background - a monument to the victims of political repression.

Manor Butyrina
Butyrina Manor, Ulan-Ude, Sobornaya street, 9 (Communist street, 5), a wooden carved house in 1874.

Cathedral Street
Sobornaya street - the historical district of Ulan-Ude is built up with old houses that are well restored.

In the distance is the Holy Hodegetria Cathedral, one of the first stone buildings of the city.

Ulan-Ude, wooden architecture - a separate note (15 photos ).

Sculpture of a senior citizen
Sculpture of a senior citizen, Ulan-Ude, Chess Square at the living room.

Monuments and sculptures of Ulan-Ude - a separate note (33 photos).

Gostinodvorsky ranks
Gostinodvorsky ranks of 1804 - 1838, Ulan-Ude, Revolution Square, 3.

Public Well Pavilion
Public Well Pavilion, Ulan-Ude, ul. Lenin, 22. The structure of the end of the XIX century.

Chapel of Nicholas II Tsar the Martyr
Chapel of Nicholas II Tsar the Martyr, Ulan-Ude, ul. Lenin, 21a (Alexander Garden). It was built in 2002 on the site of the demolished chapel in the name of Innocent in 1830 (according to other sources, 1871 ).

Manor of I.F. Goldobin
Manor of I.F. Goldobin
The main house of the estate of the merchant I.F. Goldobin, ul. Lenin, 26a. Nowadays - the Museum of the History of the City of Ulan-Ude.

Former house of merchant Naftoliy Kapelman
The former house of the merchant Naftoliy Kapelman, Ulan-Ude, Lenin street, 30a. The building of the beginning of the XX century.

Fountain on the Arbat
Fountain on the Arbat. “Arbats” in the people in different cities are called central pedestrian streets / boardwalks. For example, Barnaul Arbat (Malo-Tobolskaya Street) or in Chelyabinsk.

Sculpture of Verkhneudinsky merchant Evsey Lukich
Sculpture of Verkhneudinsky merchant Yevsey Lukich, opened May 26, 2014, sculptor: Yuri Erdineev.

One of the most interesting sculptures of Ulan-Ude.

The building of the former postal and telegraph office
The building of the former postal and telegraph office, the end of the XIX century. Ulan-Ude, Nekrasov street, 20.

I laughed a lot from the LDPR party office in Ulan-Ude.

Sculptural composition "Two Horsemen"
The sculptural composition "Two Horsemen", Ulan-Ude, near the Buryat Business Center (19B Borsoeva Street).

About drill
About drill
Themselves ran into! "Take a picture!"

Railway station Ulan-Ude
The Ulan-Ude railway station is being restored, probably already the final work. In architecture, national motifs are beaten - a turret above the roof.

Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (Nikolsky), Ulan-Ude, ul. Revolution of 1905, 56a.

Buryat arch
Buryat arch (Arch on Gagarin). Ulan-Ude, near the bus stop "Agricultural Academy".

Fountain in front of the BSAA
Fountain in front of the BSAA (Buryat State Agricultural Academy).

Sculptural composition "Student's tail"
The sculptural composition “Student tail” in front of the building of the BSAA (Buryat State Agricultural Academy). Donated to the Academy by the City Hall in 2012. Perhaps the funniest sculpture of Ulan-Ude (like the merchant).

New buildings
New buildings.

Sidewalks come across and such, the anti-torpedo tack went further.

There is better.

Graffiti on a patriotic theme.

Local do not agree with the patriotism of the authors :)

It is not clear what is connected with, but I have come across butterflies several times.

The farther from Moscow, the more anarchy. Fortunately, such spontaneous trade as in the very center of Ulan-Ude was dispersed in almost all cities of Russia.

Datsan Arch
Arch of the datsan.
The arch at the entrance to the territory of Datsan "Rinpoche-Bagsha" - one of the Buddhist temples of Ulan-Ude.

Panorama of Ulan-Ude
Panorama of Ulan-Ude from datsan Rinpoche-Bagsh. This is the northern outskirts of the city, so the private sector.

Datsan Rinpoche Bagsh observation deck
Datsan Rinpoche Bagsh observation deck

Datsan Rinpoche Bagsh observation deck

Buddhist stupa
Buddhist Stupa on the territory of the datsan "Rinpoche-Bagsha".

The main temple of datsan Rinpoche-Bagsh
The main temple of datsan Rinpoche-Bagsh. Ulan-Ude, Bald Mountain.

The main temple-dugan of datsan Rinpoche-Bagsha

Temple service
Service in the temple.

Venue for Wind Knights
A platform for placing the Wind Knights (chiy morin - a good luck flag). I hung one, brought the second as a gift to friends.

A platform for placing luck flags

Long life road
The road of long life around Datsan "Rinpoche Bagsha".

Long life road

Big Four-Seal Buddhist Bell
The Big Buddhist bell of the Four Seals on the territory of the Datsan “ Rinpoche Bagsha ” (here is a separate note about this datsan - 36 photos).

Young people
They often “dig into” me “take a picture of us!” Usually they are surprised that it’s free. Well, I don’t mind - keep a portrait!

Somehow I came up with a rule for myself - if there are few pubs / taverns / restaurants in the city, then it’s not very profitable with incomes and living standards. Here Ulan-Ude is just such, one of the depressed regions of Russia. Before the train, he sat in a coffee shop, raked a photo, young people complained that if it weren’t for Baikal nearby, the city would have been even worse with work and in general it would be necessary to leave the city at least to Irkutsk. It shocked me that even near the station there is nowhere to sit down, there are no institutions at all.


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