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Birobidzhan is the capital of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, a small city in the Far East, the population is only 70,000. Such a strange name - along the Bira and Bidzhan rivers, flowing parallel to each other and bordering the lands supposed to be settled by Jews since 1928.

Train station Birobidzhan
Birobidzhan railway station was completed on December 29, 1935. The name of the city on the facade is duplicated in Hebrew.

Menorah Fountain

The Menorah fountain in the forecourt is very attractive.

The sculpture "Migrants"
The sculpture "Migrants" on the forecourt of Birobidzhan. It was established in 2004 in memory of the first settlers who founded the Tikhonkaya station in 1912 (the name is from the surname of a resident and connoisseur of these places).

station Square
Station square.

Mosque, Birobidzhan, Volochaevskaya St., 56.

Birobidzhan kitty
Birobidzhan kitty
Chinese cats have something wrong with genes and they are completely unclean. This one, apparently, has Chinese roots.

Birobidzhan cats
Birobidzhan cats - these are already ours, Siberian, fluffy.

Christian Presbyterian Church
Christian Presbyterian Church (Protestant), Birobidzhan, ul. Chapaeva, 2A.

Monument to Sholem Aleichem
Monument to the Jewish writer Sholom Aleichem (installed in September 2004 ), Birobidzhan, Birobidzhan "Arbat" (pedestrian part of Sholom Aleichem Street).

Birobidzhan "Arbat"
Birobidzhan "Arbat" (pedestrian part of Sholom-Aleichem street). “Arbats” in many cities of Russia are popularly called central pedestrian streets. For example, in Barnaul and Penza.

Bira River

Bira River.

Bira River

Bira River

Sculptural composition "Pigeons"
The sculptural composition “Pigeons” is eight meters high, weighing two hundred tons. It depicts a cedar, a globe and two birds, as a symbol of Russian-Chinese friendship.

It was installed on Yichun Square in 2017 (as part of twinning relations between Birobidzhan and the Chinese city of Yichun).

In the background is the Birobidzhan Regional Philharmonic.

Treble clef
Treble clef, Birobidzhan, next to the Birobidzhan Regional Philharmonic.

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Embankment of the Bira River
The embankment of the Bira River, opened on September 11, 2010 as a gift for the 75th anniversary of the Jewish Autonomous Region.

Sculpture "Two faces"
Sculpture "Two faces"

Embankment of the Bira River
The embankment of the Bira River is great! Not all Russian cities have well-equipped embankments. Here and granite fences, but with wrought iron gratings. Two rotundas, benches, flower beds. Along the sidewalk stands are set describing the history of the city.

Granite colonnade and sculpture "Storks".

Embankment of the Bira River
The embankment of the Bira River is as if two-tiered, as in Tyumen. True, there is a big difference in height, and Birobidzhan is flat.

Cossack St. Nicholas Church
Cossack St. Nicholas Church (Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker), Birobidzhan, st. Sholom Aleichem, 52. The wooden church was erected in the tradition of Russian architecture.

For the airborne forces!
For the airborne forces! I was in Birobidzhan on August 2, so the paratrooper turned up. True, only one.

Annunciation Cathedral
Annunciation Cathedral, Birobidzhan, st. Lenin, 34.

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Birobidzhan Administration
Birobidzhan Administration
Administration of the municipality " City of Birobidzhan ", st. Lenin, 29.

Birobidzhan synagogue
Birobidzhan Synagogue (Beit Menachem / Freud), ul. Lenin, 17. I did not go into it, but I looked into a nearby Jewish kosher cafe and tasted hummus (I finally found out what it is).

Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments given by Gd, near the Birobidzhan Synagogue.

Palace of Culture
Palace of Culture, Birobidzhan, ul. Sholom Aleichem 11. Opened in 1963.

Cinema "Rodina"
Cinema "Homeland", Birobidzhan, Oktyabrskaya St., 7. Built in 1937.

Plain street Birobidzhan with the usual houses for the city.

Buchen house
“Buchen House” - choked on the name :)

Wooden hut
Barack, probably, almost from the base of the city. And they still live in it.

Birobidzhan is a very green city, and due to its low development, it feels like in a village. In fact, it is.


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