Smolensk kremlin

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Smolensk kremlin, fortification in Smolensk represents separate remained parts of walls and the towers, nowadays surrounding historical city centre.

Kopytensky gate — Smolensk
Kopytensky gate.

In Smolensk I have begun walk with fine city park Lopatinsky garden.

Zaaltarnaja tower
Zaaltarnaja tower (White whale, Avraamievsky, Zolotarnaja).

Smolensk fortification
East part of Smolensk fortification.

Avraamievsky tower
Avraamievsky tower. On a background — a tower the Eagle (Gorodetsky).

View from a fortification
View from a fortification the bewitching!

Avraamievsky tower
Avraamievsky tower. Pass is made, it was necessary to go further.

Pass in wall
And here, having wasted some kilometres along a wall, to me, one more pass at last has got.

Pass in wall

Loophole in wall
Loophole in a wall.


 Unknown pig-iron elements in a wall
Unknown pig-iron elements in a wall. Crampons-couplers?

Round tower — Smolensk

Round tower, street Soboleva. At this tower it is a lot of names: Kostyrevsky tower, Kasterovsky, Red, Powder, Rachevsky, Tortoise.

Volkov's Tower — Smolensk
Volkov's Tower.

Smolensk orthodox grammar school
Smolensk orthodox grammar school. The address: Smolensk, street Soboleva, 1. The grammar school is «built in» fortification, probably, on a breach place. And still I was surprised with two symmetric belltowers. Historically it is Dneprovsky gate (church Odigitrii). The building is constructed in the XVIII-th century beginning on a place of the Frolovsky (Dneprovsky) tower.

Marvellously that after the war which have swept across Smolensk as the tank, from the Smolensk fortress remains much. I expected to see the smaller rests.

Well and the author of the most powerful for those times fortifications of Smolensk there was «Tsar's master» Feodor Kon, also author of Moscow Kremlin.


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