Rest in Crimea: impressions and nuances

Trip to Crimea we are have started from Voronezh by car. 1000 km from Voronezh to Crimea, 1000 km back and 1000 km across Crimea, total — 8000 roubles to fuel. At the first of June, there are no difficulties with the Kerch ferry. When return after 2 weeks, in the middle of June, somewhere for 2,5 hours were forwarded through passage.
Car ferry

The first that have seen, having got in Kerch — bad roads (from Kerch to Feodosia, even, perhaps, to Simferopol), total absence of a marking and very rare traffic signs. Traffic signs in Crimea two types: old Soviet and newest Russian. Adequate roads only Yalta-Sevastopol and Sevastopol-Simferopol. The others, on southern coast Crimea, so so, but Russian road-workers actively restore, that ukrainians destroyed 23 years. As and other infrastructure.

Payment cards: forget. Visa and MasterCard in Crimea are blocked, but there is card «Pro100». The Russian cards anywhere are not accepted, in one cash dispense money cannot remove. In the theory, you can try to issue the Crimean cards and to throw money for them with your Russian (according to investigation local cards bank RNKB are made out for half an hour, and cash dispenses of this bank in Crimea the sea and cards are accepted in many shops).

If the company works in Crimea it automatically under sanctions.
Stela with fuel prices

It is the most appreciable by the gas station. In Crimea many unknown gas-stations which was TNK or Lukoil. Russian fuel brands for peninsula are not present. Cameras on roads do not work (are not connected to the Russian system).

Prices in Crimea isn't high. Before a trip I read responses, and here it is now interesting to me: where journalists of LentaRu have found «Moscow» prices? May be somewhere in Yalta.

Hotels — a lot. Hotels, guest houses and many private inns/rooms. So there are big rivalry and the prices for hotels a low. Will lodge in a private sector or in private hotels — necessarily find out is there WiFi and conditioner.
Hotel «Barabulka» courtyard

Mobile communication: only MTS and a Beeline confidently works. The megaphone was connected to the local operator, but worked somehow not everywhere.

All crimeans with whom I told on a theme: «how to you in Russia?» Answered or enthusiastically, or neutrally. One Crimean Tatar who has just expressed, whether that became known is better yet, has told a surprising phrase: «with Dzhamilev from Crimea way out any sectarians», I have asked again and crimean have specified: «way out jihad Moslems and Wahhabites».

Autotire covers painted in colours of a flag of Crimea and Russia

What's crimeans think about returning to Russia? I so will answer you: on the ukrainian autonumbers ukrainian flag is stuck by Russian flag. Often there is a Russian flag on buildings. In ALL souvenir shops T-shirts with Putin are on sale.

With a food of problems has not arisen, dining rooms with the average check in 150-200 roubles (2.4-3.2 €) often came across.

Crimea, welcome to return in native harbour!

Welcome to return in native harbour! Photo — Sevastopol

Despite all small troubles with roads and bank cards, in Crimea very much it was pleasant to me. Come to have a rest! #КрымНаш! #CrimeaOurs!


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